GR 63X25, 24V


Prodotto a stock

    Operation in both directions of rotation

    Ball bearing at motor output shaft is standard

    Optionally with custom shaft length and diameter, shaft on both sides, special and high voltage winding, higher protection class up to IP 67

Ø 63 mm
Nominal voltageV24
Nominal currentA2.7
Nominal torqueNcm14
Nominal speedrpm3300
Friction torque at no loadNcm1.5
Peak stall torqueNcm108
No load speedrpm3600
Maximum output powerW101.8
Nominal powerW48.4
Torque constantNcm/A6
Terminal resistanceOhm1.33
Terminal inductancemH2.9
Starting currentA18
No load currentA0.36
Demagnetisation currentA24
Rotor inertiagcm^2400


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