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I motori in corrente continua a spazzole di Dunkermotoren convincono per la coppia di impuntamento ridotta, il design robusto e ridotti momenti di inerzia.

Each of our brushed DC motors can be operated in both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation with regard to the direction of rotation. The mechanical commutation via a multi-part collector ensures a long service life for the motors.

You will find a detailed comparison of our brushed DC motors in terms of size, length, output power, voltage, speed, torque and the components used, such as encoders, brakes or planetary gearboxes, on page 10 in our main catalogue.

The Dunkermotoren GR/G range (commutated DC motors) are notable for:

  • Longer life than commutated motors from other manufacturers
  • Low detent torques
  • High efficiency
  • High dynamic acceleration
  • Good regulation characteristics
  • Maintenance-free
  • Robust design
  • Low moment of inertia
  • Extremely high short time overload capacity of the motor
  • Surface protection
  • Minimum interference radiation, optional interference suppression
  • Protection up to IP 65 (GR 42, GR 53, GR 63, GR 63S, GR 80)
  • High quality due to fully automated production lines
Applied voltage 12 / 24 / 40 / 48 / 60 VDC
Nominal power 3 - 796 W
Nominal torque 0,01 - 0,67 Nm
Nominal speed 2500 - 4000 rpm

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Configuration & 3D models

You can configure suitable motors, gearboxes and attachments in the configurator. There you can also download 3D models for your components or the complete drive.

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