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Fiere commerciali

Fiere - EventiDaACittàNazione
sps Nürnberg24.11.202026.11.2020NurembergGermany
Smart Industries16.03.202119.03.2021LyonFrance
HMI - Hannover Messe12.04.202116.04.2021HanoverGermany
Light + Building13.03.202218.03.2022FrankfurtGermany

Press releases

Due to the influences of the "Internet of Things", more and more intelligence is being shifted from the control level to end devices. Process logic...

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For our customer magazine "mo, the three IIoT experts from Dunkermotoren answer the questions of the editorial staff. We are happy to introduce them...

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The extreme dynamics of the automotive industry requires a high degree of flexibility from the car manufacturers. Smart production plants and flexible...

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