Mass Transit and Motive

We Drive what Moves People Forward

Whether you travel on the roads, rails, or in the air, we want move people from point A to B as quickly and comfortably as possible. Reliability and safety are a top priority here. Dunkermotoren manufactures a variety of products for bus ramps, train doors, shipping docks, entry gates at train stations, and even braking systems – we drive what moves people forward. Our motor solutions ensure maintenance-free and safe operation, even with high duty cycles and temperature fluctuations.

Why we offer the perfect drive solution

Long service life and high cycle rates
Protection class up to IP 69K
Versions for extreme temperature ranges
Vibration and shock tested to railroad standard EN 61373
EMC and ESD solutions to DIN EN 50121-3-2
Fire protection to EN 45545-2-2013

Better together

  • Drive solutions from 1 to 5,000 W output power
  • Our modular system offers around 25 million configuration options
  • Not only do our motors meet the highest standards of the railroad industry EN 50155, so do our attachments, such as the ME 52 RR magnetic encoder.
  • Our drive solutions have proven themselves in the railway industry over many years - the equipment on the ICE high speed train is just one well-known example.

Our drives in use

  • Railroad
    In the railroad industry, our drive products are used in sanding systems, windshield wipers, train steps, interior and exterior doors, pantographs, locking mechanisms, and for hydraulic breakings systems.
  • Municipal Vehicles
    To ensure that our cities and towns always present themselves at their best, municipalities need vehicles that are used for things like cleaning streets and sidewalks or shoveling snow. In the case of road cleaning machines, our brush drives offer fast and powerful operation to keep the roads clean of trash and dirt.
  • Access Systems / Platform Screen Doors
    Anyone who has ever traveled in Asia has seen them – the Platform Screen Doors allow for safe entry of trains, streetcars, and subways. The so-called PSDs prevent pedestrians from stepping onto train tracks or standing too close to an arriving train. This means trains can enter and exit a station at a much higher speed, transporting passengers to their destination quicker and safer than without PSDs in place. Dunkermotors are used in PSDs all over the world.
  • Shipping
    Container ships move an unthinkable amount of goods around the world, but these mega-freighters can only move if all cogs are running smoothly. Dunkermotors are used in AdBlue pumps, flap adjusters, and ship doors to ensure safe and timely transport of hot goods.
  • Automotive
    Whether for parking heaters, seat, seat belt or spoiler adjustment - our drives have proven their capabilities in commercial vehicles as well as in luxury class models.

Press releases

Easy condition monitoring with Smart Diagnostics from nexofox
With MotionCode, nexofox successfully entered the IIoT market in early 2022. Now, in the third quarter of 2022, nexofox's first completely cloud-based product will be launched. With the release of Smart Diagnostics, customers of the brand Dunkermotoren will have the possibility to see the status of the connected motors completely remotely without major effort and from any location. The most important parameters will be visualized and will be available briefly. Thanks to condition monitoring based on the fault register, the transparency of motor operation is also significantly increased. For using Smart Diagnostics,  all that is needed is a motor from Dunkermotoren and an Internet connection. Customers can look forward to the first enhancements to the tool within the fourth quarter 2022. In addition to the features listed above, there are further advantages for customers of the brand Dunkermotoren. As defined by the Idustrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA), all software products of nexofox are developed according to the AAS approach and provided in accordance with the requirements of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. This provides the possibility to easily integrate nexofox's software products into own or already existing IIoT ecosystems. Additionally, motor-specific IIoT know-how is no longer a requirement for the customers to realize their IIoT application. By using Smart Diagnostics,  nexofox offers perfect conditions for improving the economic and environmental efficiency of your application. In addition to a starter package and various standard packages, the service can also be customized to the customer´s needs.

Automation made easy - EGS Automation and Dunkermotoren show how it works at an event of the wvib
High quality standards, labor shortage and the realization of potential savings are the main drivers of the megatrend automation. However, small and medium-sized companies in particular find it difficult to start automating their production processes. How this step succeeds, Dunkermotoren GmbH and its subsidiary EGS Automation showed on September 07, 2022, in an event of the wvib directly at the drive technology manufacturer on site.

Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions, has been producing drive solutions for automating various industries for over 70 years. The company's own production at its main site in Bonndorf in the Black Forest is, thus, also automated. Among other things, robots from EGS Automation are used. Thus, the participants of the wvib event could be offered a vivid practical example for the robot automation of different processes.

Heiko Röhrig, Head of Sales & Marketing at EGS Automation, presented the various steps in robot automation. From the idea to the concept development and the realization, the experienced automation specialist showed how EGS Automation can support the entry into robotics and automation. "According to the German Federal Statistical Office, only 3% of SMEs currently use robotics for automation" highlighted Röhrig. "However, SMEs will be the companies hit hardest by the labor shortage in the coming years. Now, it is exactly the right time to get into automation."

Markus Weishaar, Head of IIoT & Services at Dunkermotoren, illustrated the automation possibilities with the help of one of the company's own production plants, showcasing the collaboration between EGS and Dunkermotoren's IIoT brand nexofox.

That it is important to not forget the CE safety certification of the plants in all this automation was explained by Jens Müller, BDSF-certified expert for machine safety at Müller und Partner. During commissioning as well as conversion or extension, a large number of legal standards must be taken into account with regard to the safety of a plant. During the service life, the greatest safety gaps then occur during error analysis as well as during retrofitting or programming processes - a complex topic. However, Müller impressively illustrated to the participants that it can sometimes be quite simple: "Some customers wear their dungarees with an additional belt and extra braces, while a simple cover from the construction market is also sufficient from time to time."

Before the participants gained further insights into the various possibilities and steps of automation in a factory tour through the Dunkermotoren production, Alexander Lunca Garcia, Senior Sales Manager Robotic & Products at Yaskawa, pointed out various points on how small and medium-sized companies in particular can succeed in entering the field of industrial robotics.

Do you also have questions about automating your processes? The experts at Dunkermotoren ( and EGS Automation ( will be happy to advise you.

EGS Automation presents itself together with Dunkermotoren at the MOTEK
In the past, Dunkermotoren and EGS Automation, both part of the AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions group, each had their own booths at the MOTEK fair in Stuttgart. Since 2021, EGS Automation is part of Dunkermotoren, so that both companies can now present themselves together at trade fairs. This will also be the case at the MOTEK trade fair. In Hall 7 at Booth 7218, the robotics specialist and the drive technology manufacturer will present their joint solutions from October 04-07, 2022.

One of the highlights will be the joint developments towards IIoT solutions. Dunkermotoren's IIoT brand nexofox not only develops services and tools for the smart motors of the BG dPro series, but also for the systems of EGS Automation. In this regard, a production line digitized by nexofox will be presented at the booth. Simple and smart integration - this is what EGS customers can look forward to in the future.

Another highlight demonstrating the cooperation between EGS Automation and Dunkermotoren is the integration of smart motors into EGS Automation systems. This will be presented at the MOTEK trade fair on a real machine. There, a SUMO Duplex with a Yaskawa GP 7 robot will be shown, which will find its use in the production of Dunkermotoren in the future. At the trade show, the manufacturing cell will be used for automatic placement of an assembly and joining process - specifically, for joining a shaft to a gear. Motors from Dunkermotoren are of course also installed - the smart motor BG 95x40 dPro with integrated PROFINET interface is used at the joining device, a BG 45x30 MI in the feeding system for the shafts.

Look forward to the new joint strength of the two companies in Hall 7 at Booth 7218.

BG 65S becomes BG 66 - Dunkermotoren revises BLDC series
After the pioneer BG 66 dPro, the BG 65S now also meets the requirements of the Motor Control Platform from Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK Advanced Motion Solutions. The products previously known as Hall motors will become the motors with the suffix BG 65 dCore and BG 66 dCore . These comply with the latest version of the EMC standard DIN EN 61000-6.

A new feature of the BG 66 dCore is that the high-resolution encoder with 4096 cpr is integrated as standard.

The dCore motors can be perfectly combined with the external control electronics BGE 5510 dPro from nexofox. Thus, the full functionality of the Motor Control Platform, such as the fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/ IP and CANopen, are available for these motor solutions.

In addition, the revision led to an increase in performance of approx. 20%. Thanks to an improved end shield on the output side of the BG 66 dCore combinations with the planetary gearbox PLG 63 HT are now possible in a sealed version with protection class IP 65.

The new flagship from the dCore series is the BG 65x75 dCore with a rated voltage of 48 V. Its 357 watts of continuous output power, 811 watts of peak output power, and a maximum torque of 4.38 Nm make it a slim-building powerhouse. A new feature is that this motor is also available in the design for the low voltage of 24 V.