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As nexofox, Dunkermotoren will in future offer its customers a holistic range of solutions for the use and networking of its smart motors. Holistic means, on the one hand, from the first consultation and joint concept development to project implementation in partnership. On the other hand, holistic also means from the field level to the cloud from a single source, i.e. from the implementation of the control logic with MotionCode to condition monitoring & predictive maintenance using cloud services.

Smartphone App

A great tool for the analysis of the motors and systems


Beginning with the concept introduction, your team from nexofox will be available to assist you throughout the life cycle of the application as a competent service provider

Smart Servo Drive Technology

dMove / dPro

  • Motors with integrated controls, sensors and bus interfaces
  • Easy integration into your system
  • Motors perform tasks autonomously
  • Application oriented and simple condition monitoring
  • Communication with other devices/ control or SCADA level

Modern Control Topologies

Decentralized & Modular

  • Motors can be combined into modules
  • Modules can be easily configured and programmed into systems (simple distributed and reusable logic)
  • Motors connected to all required sensors and have the necessary logic
  • Simple programming on the motors with C

Your Benefit

  • Adjust your scalable machine concept by modular software design

  • Lower cost by eliminating the need of PLC:
    - Fewer components to manage and maintain
    - Lower cost of installation

  • Save time:
    - Less components that need to be wired
    - Shorter and simpler wiring overall
    - Leave the engineering and programming to Dunkermotoren nexofox

Device Cloud & Applications

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on your global drives right from your desk. (Alarms/ Status/ Real time diagnostics)

Remote Setup

React immediately to changing conditions without packing your suitcases. (FW/ SW Distribution, Tuning)


Respond to failures before they happen. Don't worry about it, but leave the work to us and we will minimize your risk of failure. (Predictive Maintenance/ Motor as a Service)

Digital Twin

Acquire the motor and the digital twin with all descriptive information.

Your Benefit of Device Cloud & Applications

  • Save money and time with our solution. With the remote diagnosis of our Dunkermotors and EGS automation systems, your technicians only need to visit your site in an absolute emergency. For this, we provide you with the right information and spare parts.
  • Who knows our products better than we do? Focus on your application and leave the diagnosis to us.
  • We handle your data responsibly. Already in design, we adhere to the highest security standards.
  • We keep our promises - and you get the confirmation in black and white.

Mobile Support

Don't leave your technician out in the cold. The smartphone app gives your technicians a head start in knowledge.

  • Read out type plate via QR code
  • Retrieve manuals etc.
  • Retrieve alarms and status of Dunkermotors and EGS automation systems
  • Remote control of the Dunkermotors and EGS automation systems
  • Submit support requests directly to our service department

Open Architecture

We are not mavericks and rely on open standards and architectures. This enables you seamless integration of our solutions as plug-ins into your existing system.

nexofox Team

Product Life Cycle

We are at your Side throughout  the entire Product Life Cycle

Your Benefit

  • Draw on our expertise and experience in drive technology throughout the entire product life cycle.
  • Our motors are used in a wide variety of applications from a simple rotary device to sophisticated programming to digital services offered through nexofox
  • Relieve your engineers and leave the selection, dimensioning and programming of the motors to the team Dunkermotoren and nexofox

Rely on us as your partner throughout your entire project and beyond!

Get started now

What is already possible with nexofox today

Service & Support

For further information or to discuss your project idea, please contact us directly: support.nexofox-DIESEN TEXT

With Dunkermotoren to the Smart Factory

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nexofox brochure

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Service & Support

For further information or to discuss your project idea, please contact us directly:
support.nexofox-DIESEN TEXT

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