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EPLAN Data Portal

The availability of 3D models and thus a simple and fast integration into CAD systems was not yet a market standard in drive technology about 15 years ago. Dunkermotoren had already recognized the trend at that time and has since then offered this service to its customers for the complete product portfolio.

Webshop Dunkermotoren

Beginning of April, Dunkermotoren launches its new online shop. The new online shop is based on an online product configurator that the drive manufacturer already integrated into the website in 2018. This enables customers to configure the perfect drive online from 125,000 possible configurations, check availabilities and order directly. The matching drive specifications and 3D models can also be downloaded directly.


Even our grandparents knew that double stitching holds better. The principle of redundancy contained therein is one of the core principles of functional safety: If, for example, any component fails, then another component must compensate for the defect. Dunkermotoren applies this principle in DC servomotors (BG series) so that, if necessary, they can also quite safely no longer generate torque.

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