We are introducing our speakers here to give you a little taste of our 2021 webinar series.

Michael Burgert

Product Manager Integrated BLDC Motors

BLDC Basics – Dunkermotoren BG motor portfolio (02.06.2021, 03:30–04:00 p.m.)
Brushless DC drives are key components in automation. Which criteria are relevant for the selection and how does Dunkermotoren fulfil these requirements?

DC servo motors – Features of Dunkermotoren BG motors (08.06.2021, 03:30–04:00 p.m.)
The integrated electronics turn brushless DC motors into DC servo motors. Dunkermotoren has been consistently integrating for more than 20 years and is constantly adding new features. Find out which traditionally external components and functions are now integrated in the motor.

Markus Weishaar

Head of IIoT Systems and Solutions

IIoT – New horizons for smart motors
The Industrial Internet of Things offers many new possibilities for our motors. Let us introduce you to these in this webinar, from simple condition monitoring of the drives to predictive maintenance and completely new models for purchasing motors such as Motor as a Service. We will also discuss which solutions we can already offer you today and what you can expect in the near future.

MotionCode – New possibilities for free programmable motors
If you have been asking yourself for a long time why you still need a controller for all the intelligent devices, this webinar is just the right thing for you. We will introduce you to the possibilities offered by the free C programming on our motor. MotionCode opens up the possibility to realize a completely modular and decentralized software architecture for your application. Let us inspire you how a control concept of tomorrow can look like and how it can already be realized.

MotionCode - How to program smart motors
Would you like to get a feel for how easy it is to program our smart motors? Then you've come to the right place. This expert webinar gives you a practical insight into the MotionCode programming of our motors and shows you the different possibilities how you can use MotionCode in your application in the best possible way and quickly get the first working programs.

Matthias Tidelski

Segment Sales Manager Industrial Automation SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE

Dunkermotoren product partner for SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE

Session 1: Starters
Dunkermotoren and SIMATIC MicroDrive – The strong Partnership for your industrial solution with needs of functional safety. Learn the basics about your ideal drive solution and familiarize yourself with the benefits associated with it.

Session 2: Intralogistic
Dunkermotoren and SIMATIC MicroDrive - the safe drive solution for your intralogistics applications in warehouse technology. Get familiar with your next generation drive solution for AGVs for tomorrow with the solution of today.

Michael Basler

Segment Sales Manager Industrial Automation

Dunkermotoren - Drive Solutions for Mobile Intralogistics Solutions
Automated guided vehicles (AGV/AGC/AMR) increase productivity and improve efficiency in warehousing.
How can Dunkermotoren's drive solutions contribute to increasing efficiency? Presentation of possible applications for Dunkermotoren's drive solutions.

Holger Tröndle

Segment Sales Manager Healthcare & Laboratory

IoMT - Internet of Medical Things: New ways in drive technology
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a networked infrastructure of medical devices, software applications and healthcare systems and will change healthcare from the ground up.
Software, digital services and automated processes will make the medical industry smarter, optimize processes and thus increase efficiency.
Networked applications will enable proactive control of the maintenance process (predictive maintenance), a reduction in downtime, high predictability and new services (e.g. pay per use).
Dunkermotoren's intelligent drive solutions support this progress.
This webinar shows how drive solutions from Dunkermotoren support the future challenges in medical technology.

Heiko Röhrig

Head of Sales EGS Automation

Robotive Solutions EGS Automation – productive, qualitative, robotive!
Economical and reliable automation solutions. Automation of processes with SUMO standard automation systems. Productive, qualitative, robotive!

Markus Fechtig

Segment Sales Manager Agriculture

Smart motors for smart agri-bots
In times of growing population and increased food demand agriculture have to improve.
Automation in agriculture is the key to feed our hungry planet and safe resources in the same time.

Peter Mittermeier

Application Service Engineer

Dunkermotoren for PROFINET
PROFINET has established itself as a solid and mature standard in automation technology. Learn about the advantages of PROFINET drives from Dunkermotoren and experience PROFINET commissioning with PROFIdrive and Dunkermotoren Quickstart commands.

Alexander Haberstroh

Application Service Engineer

Dunkermotoren for Ethernet/IP
If you rely on an Ethernet/IP network in your products and would like to know how to integrate our smart motors in the best possible way, this expert webinar is exactly the right thing for you. In this webinar, we will show you which Ethernet/IP functions are supported by our drives and how our drives are integrated into an Ethernet/IP network and operated within it.

Dunkermotoren for EtherCAT
The extremely fast and efficient communication has particularly contributed to the success of EtherCAT. Learn about the advantages of EtherCAT drives from Dunkermotoren and experience how easy it is to integrate EtherCAT drives into EtherCAT networks.


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