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Planetary gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes (PLG) have the highest continuous torque capacity of all types of gearbox; at the same time they have a very compact design, low weight and excellent gear efficiency of typically 97%. For our planetary gearboxes there are, depending on customer requirements, a variety of different materials combineable, whereby continuous torques reach up to 130 Nm, and ratios from 4:1 to 512:1 are available. The planetary gearboxes are maintenance-free. The construction sizes are partly available to different degrees:

  • EP: Durable l smooth running l all duty cycles
  • HT: High power density l extra robust l all duty cycles l IP 65. Gearbox body up to IP 65. Then the drive shaft has got IP 52 and gets heightened up to a better protection class by the customer if necessary.
  • LB: Low backlash l very high lifetime l IP 54 standard including shaft

Worm gearboxes

Worm gearboxes (SG) are noted for their very quietrunning. The worm gear shaft has bearings on both sides. The gear components, made of bronze or steel, and the lubrication ensure a long service life at the rated torque. In many applications, the right angle (outputshaft 90° to motor) is the optimum design solution. On request, worm gearboxes can be supplied with a hollow output shaft. The worm gearboxes are maintenance-free.

Spirotec gearboxes

Spirotec gearboxes (STG) are gearboxes with right-angled output. Core element of the series STG is the spiral wheelset. It enables to reliably transmit high moment with comparatively small centre distance in a small space. The Spirotec Gearbox is outstanding quiet in operation. It is by far less noisy then e.g. bevel gearboxes. The gear is wear-free, because both gearing parts are made of hardened steel. Thus the gearing parts have an extremely high lifetime and the lubricant is free from contamination, which preserves the sealing rings of drive shaft and output shaft. The gearbox is designed in monobloc construction which provides particularly high meshing precision and a better drive system stiffness.

Bevel gearboxes

Bevel gearboxes are characterized by a right-angled output without any axle offset. They are recommended for particularly low installation conditions, as the gearboxes are arranged centrically to the motor. Their efficiency is high and they can be driven back, which is required for door drives, for example. In order to bring the reduction ratio into a suitable range, one or two planetary stages are connected upstream of the actual bevel gear stage.

Smooth running, compact and excellent efficiency - these are our gearboxes of the series PLG, STG, KG und SG!

Planetary and right angle designs- the proper design for every application.

Reduction ratio 3 - 3188,65  
Nominal efficiency 25 - 97 %
Continuous torque 0,25 - 130 Nm

Product details Spirotec gearboxes

Brushless DC motors of the BG45/66/75/95 series and suitable gearboxes and attachments are optionally available as standard up to protection class IP65. Higher protection classes are available on request in special designs.

New sales colleagues at Dunkermotoren are very quickly confronted with a special phenomenon: Customers rarely want exactly the drive combinations that already exist. Their designers want to design devices, machines and systems as efficient as possible, i.e. not to undersize or oversize them, and to utilize the installation space as efficiently as possible. Every millimeter and every joules of kinetic energy counts. The more sophisticated and comprehensive the modular drive system, the more flexibly designers can select drives and design customized solutions.

In the Dunkermotoren online configurator, customers can select the perfect drive from a selection of the Dunkermotoren portfolio.

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