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Overview | BLDC motors with integrated controller

Brushless DC motors, series BG, with integrated control electronics
  • Speed-, positioning- and current control operation
  • Can be combined with high resolution encoders, brakes and gearboxes in the modular system
  • Control through bus or I/Os or stand-alone operation
  • High IP protection against water or contamination
  • Inherent overload protection
Brushless DC motors - 4 stages of functionalities
Hall sensors
High resolution encoder(✔)--
Block commutation-(✔)
Sinusodial commutation /
vector control
Speed (open loop)-(✔)(✔)
Speed/ torque (closed loop)--
Complex motion profiles ---
Programmable / Stand-alone-operation/ Motion Apps---
Robust isolation of bus---(✔)
Ballast circuit parameterizable--(✔)
Safe Torque Off---(✔)
Brake output--(✔)
Quick start commands--
Digital and analogue I/Os-(✔)
Field Bus (CANopen, RS485, Modbus)--(✔)(✔)
Industrial Ethernet (Profinet, EtherCAT,...)---(✔)
Replaces previous versionsHallKISI, CI (low res.)SI, CI, PI, MI, EC (high res.)
✔ = Standard,  (✔) = Optional / on request

Downloads Series BG

Main catalogue

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Combinations series BG

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