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Our robust and maintenance-free AC motors are available in single-phase (KD series) and three-phase (DR series) winding solutions.

The AC motors are manufactured as standard in two different construction diameters and in various lengths. Thus we offer a wide range of nominal torques (0.75 - 31.5 Ncm) for best torque even on small cross-sections. All AC motors are equipped with integrated fans and capacitors. A multi-grooved stator field with inserted three-phase winding, together with the operating capacitor (KD series), generates the rotating field for optimum efficiency on the ball-bearing rotor, which acts as a short-circuit armature. Both series can be operated at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, the direction of rotation is reversible.

In the modular system, the desired speed can be achieved by using the appropriate gearbox. The diameter of the output shaft is variable in length and diameter. Combinations with brakes and the installation of a temperature monitor are also possible. Variants for phase voltages other than 230 V or other IP protection classes can be produced. Please do not hesitate to contact us for special designs.

The KD and DR motors feature a very slim design. By combining the motors with gears from the modular system, it is possible to set any rotational speed and generate high torques in a small cross-section. The combination with brakes is also possible. Temperature switches for thermal motor monitoring can be integrated into the motor. The motors can operate at 50Hz mains as well as 60Hz mains. Designs for phase voltages differing 230V are possible. Versions for higher IP requirements and without blowers are also possible. If needed, the output shaft can vary in length and diameter.

Applied voltage 230 / 400 V
Nominal power 5 - 87 W
Nominal torque 0,037 - 0,315 Nm
Nominal speed 1100 - 2700 rpm

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You can configure suitable motors, gearboxes and attachments in the configurator. There you can also download 3D models for your components or the complete drive.

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