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dCore: Brushless DC motors BG series with integrated Hall sensors for rotor position detection

dGo: Brushless DC motors BG series with integrated commutation electronics

dMove: Brushless DC motors BG series with integrated control electronics

dPro: Brushless DC motors BG series with integrated control electronics and integrated high-resolution encoder

Further information can be found in a comprehensive overview in catalogues and on the website.

Brushed DC motors from Dunkermotoren are robust, cost-efficient and easy to commission. Due to the wear of the carbon brushes, their service life is limited. Depending on the design and application, the service life is typically between 1000 and 8000 hours.

Brushless DC motors, also known as EC motors, are electronically commutated and have a significantly longer service life and lower interference radiation due to not having carbon brushes. The service life is usually limited by the ball bearings and is several 10000 hours, depending on the application. In addition, the motors have an even higher power density and dynamics, easy to implement protective functions and very good controllability.

Further information on this issue can be found in the corresponding white paper on the Dunkermotoren website (section "Knowledge").

Pulse width modulation is a type of modulation in which a technical quantity (in this case the electrical voltage) changes between two values. The motor speed can be adjusted by changing the pulse widths.

GR series motors are generally suitable for operation at a modulated voltage, unless an interference-suppressed variant is used.

BG series motors are generally not suitable for a frequency-modulated supply voltage. However, some variants with integrated speed electronics have a setpoint input suitable for PWM voltages.

Integrated motors of the BG series can be controlled in a variety of ways. For all motors with the integrated electronics types SI, PI, dMove or dPro, for example speed or torque can be selected via digital or analog inputs. Motors with the integrated electronic types CI, PB, EC dMove/dPro CO, dMove/dPro PN, ... can also be controlled via fieldbuses or Industrial Ethernet. Motors of the dPro series can also be individually programmed and operated in stand-alone mode.

Further information can be found in the main catalogue and in detail in the commissioning guides.

Smart BLDC motors from Dunkermotoren can be connected with the PC or with the Drive Assistant installed on it via a USB-CAN adapter (available as accessory, part of the "Starter Kit"). Alternatively usable adapters are "IXXAT USB-to-CAN compact" or "Peak PCAN-USB" (not all functions of these alternatives have been tested by Dunkermotoren). The 'Drive Assistant' software, which is available free of charge, helps with service, parameterization and commissioning.

Brushless DC motors of the BG45/66/75/95 series and suitable gearboxes and attachments are optionally available as standard up to protection class IP65. Higher protection classes are available on request in special designs.

The connection resistance results from the nominal voltage/starting current.

Compared to spindle axes, linear direct drives are very dynamic, fast and precise. The low wear and low maintenance is also very advantageous for many applications with a high number of cycles. Compared to pneumatic axes, linear direct drives are particularly convincing due to their improved energy efficiency and better controllability.

Yes, this spare parts set can be found in the Dunkershop in the category Venetian blind drives.

Yes, you can configure it yourself with our Online-Konfigurator.

The nominal power P(N) is the output power of the motor which can be generated permanently, calculated from nominal speed and nominal torque. The motors from Dunkermotoren are always measured according to EN60034 in thermally insulated condition. The measurement methods for the specification of motors are not standardized and sometimes differ significantly between the different suppliers. This makes it difficult to compare values even with comparable motor concepts and speeds.

DC motors can be operated above rated torque for a short time. The limits resulting from demagnetisation or control currents can be found in the specifications. Detailed information on the calculation of the effective torque in load cycles can be found in the Handbook for selection of motors from Dunkermotoren (page 75).

Brushless DC motors (abbreviation BLDC for brushless DC, also called EC motors) are designed like a three-phase synchronous machine with excitation by permanent magnets. The three-phase winding is controlled by a suitable circuit in such a way that it generates a rotating magnetic field which pulls the permanently excited rotor along with it. EC motors of Dunkermotoren are commutated and controlled by a mostly integrated electronic to which a DC direct voltage is applied.

Yes, electric cylinders of the CASM series are mechanically largely compatible with pneumatic cylinders.

Software support is available via the chat window on our website, the inquiry form or the support hotline +49 7703 930 501.

The plug and cable assignments of our products can be found in the function and connection guides, which are available on our website in the Downloads section.

For the electronic variants dMove, dPro and CI use Drive Assistant 5.
For PI use the Drive Assistant PI.
For SI use the SI Configurator.
You can find the software in the download section on our website.

Yes, the motor can also be operated with different voltages. For motors with integrated electronics, the permissible limits of the electronic components must be observed.

Motors from Dunkermotoren are usually designed for a standard industrial rated speed in the range of 3000 to 4000 rpm. If an application requires it, the speed can be easily adapted to the desired operating point by selecting a different winding.

Example: When using a GR motor with nominal 12 V at a supply voltage of 24 V, the no-load speed doubles and the entire motor characteristic curve shifts parallel accordingly. This results in a significantly increased continuous output power of the motor.

Generally, a servomotor is understood as a motor that has at least one control unit or can provide feedback on its rotational or linear position. "Servomotor" does not describe a specific motor type, but rather servo motors of different types. Permanently excited synchronous motors (BG series at Dunkermotoren), asynchronous motors and brushed DC motors (GR series at Dunkermotoren) are widely used as servo motors.

Further information on this issue can be found in the corresponding White Paper on the Dunkermotoren website (section "Knowledge").

In some cases, the North American market requires UL or CSA approved drives. With a few exceptions, we use UL listed materials. Ask us if your drive can be UL or CSA approved.

Many Dunkermotoren products have a CE mark. Typically, these include the brushless DC motors of the BG series with integrated control electronics, as well as brushed DC motors with corresponding interference suppression. Ask our sales department for details.

A smart motor is characterized by integrated control electronics and the ability to communicate via fieldbus or Ethernet interfaces. Dunkermotoren offers a wide range of intelligent motors, including the BG series dMove and dPro.

Even if smart motors today can already handle complex tasks autonomously, control remains one of the most important functions of the motor. After all, a motor never works on its own. It interacts with its environment, for example a subsequent process step in a packaging system, an HMI in a medical device or the control of a driverless transport system. Whether by bus or in stand-alone operation, the control system must work reliably and quickly so that the motor works exactly as it should.

Actually, our motor control platform should be called a "carefree package". No matter how the motor is controlled, by bus or in stand-alone operation, the motor control platform guarantees that the motor reacts as desired. The motor control platform includes extensive servo functions to ensure that the motor regulates speed, position or current precisely in every application. Additionally, protection mechanisms are integrated into the platform to reliably protect the motor in unexpected operating conditions. The motor control platform has a modular design and is arbitrarily expandable.

More than 20 years ago, Dunkermotoren recognized that customers benefit when as many components as possible are integrated in the motor housing, which would otherwise have to be configured together. These include brakes, encoders, power electronics, the communication interface and control electronics. All essential components are fully integrated in modern smart motors. Customers no longer have to design and combine individual components. They receive a compact complete drive that also reduces cabling to a minimum.

New sales colleagues at Dunkermotoren are very quickly confronted with a special phenomenon: Customers rarely want exactly the drive combinations that already exist. Their designers want to design devices, machines and systems as efficient as possible, i.e. not to undersize or oversize them, and to utilize the installation space as efficiently as possible. Every millimeter and every joules of kinetic energy counts. The more sophisticated and comprehensive the modular drive system, the more flexibly designers can select drives and design customized solutions.

In the Dunkermotoren online configurator, customers can select the perfect drive from a selection of the Dunkermotoren portfolio.

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Yes, you can also order Dunkermotoren online. Please visit our Dunkershop.


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