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Autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly important in intralogistics with no limits in sight for drive technology design of logistics solutions. The more intricate the product, the more intricate the components – including the motor solution. Dunkermotoren offers a complete package for AGVs/AGCs/AMRs consisting of motor, encoder, controller, and hub gearbox. Depending on customer requirements, this package is available with integrated or external controls solution with common fieldbus interfaces such PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Ethernet/IP as well as safety functions (STO). Due to their efficient design, the motor solutions are ideal for use in battery-power systems and their robust design allows for operation in harsh environments. The motor solutions from Dunkermotoren already offer a standard design for almost all challenges in material handling technologies.

Why we offer the perfect drive solution


Compact motors and hub gearboxes for the smallest installation space
Intelligent, connected and robust drive systems
Safety solutions such as STO directly integrated in the motor
Innovative, energy-efficient DC concepts (IE 5) for battery applications
Designed for a wide temperature range
Long service life

Better Together

  • Modular interface on the motor
  • CANopen, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP - controlled via digital IO's thanks to the Motion Control Platform
  • Application consulting
  • IIoT - with nexofox

    » Condition monitoring and remote control for your application
    » Predictive maintenance for optimized readiness of your production
    » Support of open standards like Open Industry 4.0 Alliance and Digital Industries World
  • Support of your production with automation solutions by EGS Automation

Our Drive Components in use

  • Shuttle Systems
    Pallet or small container shuttle systems offer a wide range of opportunities for Dunkermotoren’s motor solutions. Be it in the traction drive, lifting mechanism, telescopic motors, finger motors, or belt drives, Dunkermotoren has the right motor solution for your every warehouse application.
  • Parcel Sorting
    When it comes to dividing, diverting, re-directing, or sorting items like letters, parcels, or pieces of luggage, our drives have already proven themselves over many years.
  • AGVs/AGCs/AMRs
    Automated Guided vehicles increase productivity and improve efficiency in warehousing. Dunkermotoren are used in combination with an integrated gearbox as traction drives, designed for high radial loads, and as lifting motors.
  • Palletizing Robots
    Robot palletizing systems from EGS Automation for fast and flexible palletizing. Shorter cycle times are achieved through optimized programming sequences. EGS Automation offers the user intuitive operation and handling of the robot system. Universal and modular gripping tools are suitable for a wide variety of workpieces. EGS robots communicate via a wide variety of bus systems or OPC UA. By means of sensor technology or image processing, the parts are identified.
  • Strapping
    For the field of strapping technology (both stand-alone and line-integrated), Dunkermotoren offers intelligent and controllable drives from strap unwinding to strap sealing solutions for all sub-steps of this packaging and load securing process.
  • Bots
    The importance of robots in small-parts warehouses is ever-growing. Motor systems from Dunkermotoren can be used to lift product bins in the warehouse or even the robot itself.

Press releases

Professional article: Adaptation of the product range to the new requirements of intralogistics
In intralogistics, the importance of self-propelled vehicles is increasing. Not only the traditional manufacturers, but also users or their suppliers of operating equipment are designing new battery-powered solutions. The technical solutions are as diverse as the players in the market. To meet these, Dunkermotoren draws on its existing portfolio of motors, encoders, controllers and transmissions. But new system components have also been added.

Both in AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and especially in AGCs (Automated Guided Carts), the vehicle width is kept as small as possible. The frame height is also limited. In order to drive the wheels, the shortest and slimmest possible drives are therefore required.

New transmission series:

With the new NG (hub transmission) series, the transmission disappears into the wheel hub. This virtually eliminates the overall length of the transmission. The hub gears of Dunkermotoren take up the radial forces acting on the wheel directly on the gear housing. This means there are no lateral forces for the bearing. High loads can be absorbed cost-effectively and compactly. For the lighter AGCs, Dunkermotoren engineers consider the NG 250, which can carry 250 kg, to be ideal. For AGVs, the NG 500 with 500 kg load capacity has proven to be the common size. Assuming four load-bearing wheels, the loaded vehicle can weigh up to 2,000 kg.

Smart and safe:

Imagine a driverless vehicle driving at 6 km/h through the factory hall and an employee carelessly moving into the driveway! To ensure that such an encounter ends painlessly, the topic of safety is given priority. The AGV must therefore not only know its route and detect stationary obstacles, but must also react correctly to people moving around. For us as a manufacturer of drive technology, this is where the demand for STO (Safe Torque Off) comes from. In such a case, the vehicle control system must bring the vehicle to a standstill in the shortest possible time. This is called safe stop SS1 (Safe Stop 1). This would also be activated in the event that a component relevant to the driving movement does not function properly. The engine executes the STO, triggered by the vehicle control system. The safe brake integrated in the drive (brake activated in de-energized state) engages and safety is ensured. An example of a product with STO is the newly developed smart controller BGE 5510 dPro. The encoders for speed feedback are very reliable, but are not sufficient for the requirements of AGVs. The modular concept of Dunkermotoren makes it possible to mount a redundant encoder, e.g. of the RE 30 series, at the rear end of the motor in addition to the one integrated in the motor. Alternatively, so-called "safe encoders" can also be accessed. The safe control of the AGV / AGC can then reliably evaluate the encoder signals.

Factory of the future:

With a view to the gigantic factories currently under construction, also known as Giga-Factory, the demands on AGVs are likely to continue to rise, especially since ever greater distances have to be covered using battery power. With the highly efficient DC drive technology, coupled with hub gears that are brilliant in terms of efficiency, we are ideally prepared for this. Looking further into the future, factories based entirely on direct current are being built under the banner of "DC industries". This eliminates the need to convert AC to DC, making Dunkermotoren's DC technology even more efficient in stationary applications.

Author: Stefan Tröndle, Product Manager Brushed DC-Motors and Gearboxes