Healthcare and Laboratory

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Patient care has always been the primary responsibility of medical facilities. The increased number of patients and rising competition for medical services as a luxury product demands efficient and comfortable equipment that meets the latest technological standards.

Whether CT or X-Ray machines, laboratory equipment or dialysis pumps, operating tables or rehabilitation equipment, medical applications must be precise, reliable, and quiet. The best machines can also be mobile enough to be used in any treatment room. Since failures can delay vital procedures, possible malfunctions must be reliable predicted or avoided altogether. Our maintenance-free Brushless DC motors and high-precision modular solutions meet the highest standards. With nexofox, we set new guidelines for networked applications in medical technology (Internet of Medical Things - IoMT).
Healthcare and Laboratory

Why we offer the perfect drive solution


Long service life and high cycle rates
Low-noise motors and gear units
Optional integrated control electronics and bus interface
Innovative, energy-efficient DC concepts (IE 5)
Maintenance-free over the entire service life
Long product availability

Better together

  • High-quality and customer-specific solutions - also in small batches
  • With our modular system, we offer around 25 million different drive options - from small 30 mm pump drives to multi-axis gantry systems
  • We can integrate our solutions with third-party products - Find your system partner in us
  • Don't be shy about IoMT - Our nexofox team will be happy to advise you
  • Patient and medical staff are our priority – the best comfort for everyone involved

Our drives in use

  • Medical Imaging
    It is quite common to use X-ray, CT, or MRI machines to diagnose a medical condition. CT or MRI scans can be quite long and uncomfortable for many patients. In order to make the imaging process as smooth, comfortable, and quiet as possible, easy positioning of the table and collimator is essential. Our Brushless DC and stepper motors ensure smooth operation with high torque capacity in a very small package. The are also maintenance-free for the life of the machine.
    Imaging Analysis
  • Medical Pumps

    Medical pumps perform a central function in purifying blood inside a dialysis machine. The reliable and maintenance-free operation of these pumps is of great importance here too. Due to their proximity to the patient, low noise operation is extremely important. Our drive products have proven themselves not only in these dialysis pumps, but also in peristatic and diaphragm pumps.

  • Adjustment of Operating Tables
    Flexible adjustment of an operating table is a must to provide the surgeon with the best possible access to the patient. The motors in this case must have high torque capabilities in a very small installation space. Low-noise operation and reliability are also essential to avoid failure during surgery or general downtime in the OR. Our brushed and brushless DC motors meet all requirements for the adjustment of operating tables or hospital beds and chairs.
  • Diagnostics
    Chemical, living tissue, and substance analysis requires not only absolute precision, but also speed. Hospitals and labs want to analyze samples in the shortest amount of time possible. Our gantry systems are made to impress with highly dynamic and precise motion.
  • Rehabilitation Equipment
    Rehabilitation is a decision milestone in the recovery for many patients. Uniquely designed devices support patients’ movement to help build up strength in a safe way. Motors and drives used in these machines must be designed for large axial loads at times, but also support fine motor skills at others. In order to provide the best experience possible, low-noise operation is essential to not disturb the patient during training. The compact drive solutions from Dunkermotoren are ideally suited here.
    Rehab & Therapy Center
  • Cold Therapy
    Cold therapy is a proven method of relieving pain and reducing skin damage before laser treatment for rheumatology. By simply compressing room temperature air, MAE blowers can create air flow at about -30°C. This cold air can be directed right at the treatment area on the patient. MAE blowers have been used in applications like this for years and provide cold air treatment with a reliable and quiet design.

Press releases

Reliable availability and made in Europe
Dunkermotoren presents a stock program for stepper motors Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, added a selection of MAE stepper motors to its stock program which are now also available in small quantities and with a delivery time of just a few days. For greater independence from global supply chains, stepper motors made in Europe offer key advantages and are an important component for many drive solutions. With the three most popular NEMA sizes, 17, 23 and 34, Dunkermotoren includes a wide power range in its stock program. The stepper motors enable holding torques in the range of 0,27 to 12 Nm and are particularly compact in design. The NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 sizes have been completely revised technically over the last years and can meet demanding requirements in terms of performance and quality. Planetary gears, brakes, and encoders from the well-known Dunkermotoren modular system can be combined with the stepper motors. A new highlight is the high-resolution and cost-effective encoder RE30 with 4000 increments. MAE's many years of experience in stepper motor construction make the motors reliable and durable, which is ideal for industrial applications. In combination with Dunkermotoren drive components, even more fields of application become possible. Downloads Press release (PDF)
Some of the Tricks other manufacturers use
At Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, they know that customers appreciate the robustness and reliability of the products. This is confirmed with direct feedback, surveys, and low number of complaints. The main basis for this positive perception is the precise manufacturing and specification of the products of the drive technology manufacturer. In fact, there are major differences between manufacturers in the way products are specified. A direct "catalog data comparison" often leads to misperceptions. It is therefore worthwhile to analyze the specified data more closely: Methods for specifying motors The measurement methods for specifying motors are not uniform and sometimes differ greatly between different suppliers. This makes it difficult to compare specifications even for comparable motor designs. For example, Dunkermotoren always measures motors according to EN60034 in a thermally insulated state, which means that no heat is dissipated to the outside. Competitors, on the other hand, mount heat sinks on the motor or even specify values with application-typical active cooling. Many manufacturers do not provide any information regarding their measurement methodology at all. For better comparison, motors from market competitors were measured at Dunkermotoren labs and the values were compared with the respective catalog specifications. For example, a BLDC motor from a German manufacturer specified with 178 W (0.425 Nm at 4000 rpm, 24 V) would only achieve 113 W (0.22 Nm at 4900 rpm, 24 V) according to Dunkermotoren´s specification methodology. Other compared products also showed deviations in measured output power of up to 50 percent. High rated speeds In DC motors, the winding design, such as the number of turns and the wire thickness, is crucial for the motor speed at a given voltage. This makes it possible to design the motors for a high speed with only a slightly lower continuous torque. This results in optimized power density. Some manufacturers specify their brushless motors for very high speeds and can thus also specify a very high rated power, although the high speeds are not practical for many industrial applications or would overload the gearboxes. In one example, specialists at Dunkermotoren compared BLDC motors with a diameter of 32 mm. The motors have a similar continuous torque of approx. 45 mNm, but the rated power of 80 W at the competitor differs significantly from the 20 W specified at Dunkermotoren. This is due to the different rated speeds of 15000 vs. 3800 1/min. Restrictions in the footers In many cases, the catalog data given is not to be understood as a binding specification, but is devalued, sometimes massively, in the footer. In one example from a German gear manufacturer, the footer of the data sheets states "All data in this brochure are approximate values. Deviations are possible (...)". Thus, the information is practically meaningless. With other manufacturers, reference is made in the footers to the application-specific design with tools. The tools themselves are very good and helpful, but the totality of the nominal data from the product table is rarely achievable, which means that the permissible torque or the service life are usually lower after entering the application parameters. Efficiency data for gear units At Dunkermotoren, gearbox efficiency is given for the complete gearbox, in cold and not run-in condition, with tolerance considered at worst case. Almost all competitors indicate a much better efficiency (dynamic, under full load or even only the pure gear efficiency). This is the reason why Dunkermotoren specifies three-stage planetary gearheads at 73 percent efficiency, while most competitors specify an unrealistic value of 92 to 98 percent. In fact, the planetary gearboxes from various manufacturers hardly differ in efficiency with the same number of stages. Different motor concepts When comparing different motor concepts, not only the rated power but also the high overload capacity of DC motors should be considered. In many applications with cyclic operating modes, it is not the continuous output power that is relevant, but the power that can be achieved for a short time. Both the brushed and brushless DC motors from Dunkermotoren can be loaded with several times the rated torque. This is a feature that is not available with many other motor designs (e.g. asynchronous motors, stepper motors). The Dunkermotoren sales department will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the ideal design. Depending on the project, it is also possible to have alternative products measured at Dunkermotoren´s laboratory for better comparrison of specifications. Author: Tobias Pfendler, Vice President Technology, Dunkermotoren GmbH Downloads PROFESSIONAL ARTICLE (PDF)
Now available - A full bevel gearbox range from Dunkermotoren
Dunkermotoren, an AMETEK brand, now offers a complete range of bevel gearboxes. At first, the KG 150 was released, which was then followed by the KG 80 and KG 120 to complete the product line. The power range of the gearboxes ranges from 0.1 to 3 kW. Peak values are as high as 6 kW. The biggest advantage of the KG series is its slim design. Combined with suitable motors such as the BG 95x40 dPro BLDC motor, the gearbox extends only slightly beyond the contour of the motor. Slim - slimmer, slimmest! To achieve excellent running characteristics together with high efficiency, the gearboxes are designed with at least 2 stages. The KG 120 and KG 150 are outfitted with a particularly strong output shaft, which is, as a standard, designed with a hollow shaft. Thus, high radial loads or tight installation conditions are no problem. The variance of the reduction ratios makes it possible to perfectly adapt the output speed to the application, which is particularly important to control acceleration speeds. Applications for angular gearboxes range from equipment technology such as the use in powerful lawn mowers or professional cleaning equipment, to mechanical engineering and intralogistics. The robust design also allows them to be used in vehicles in the rail or agricultural sector, as well as in warehouse automation (AGV, AMR). The KG 120, for example, has already proven itself in a harvesting machine. Thanks to the angular gear, the proper setting can be adjusted for each crop. Downloads Press release (PDF)
The nexofox BGE 5510 dPro makes every motor a smart motor
Under the nexofox umbrella, the BGE 5510 dPro external electronics can be used for all motors no matter the manufacturer. Nexofox is the IIoT brand of Dunkermotoren and, thus, it is part of AMETEK. The electronics support all common communication interfaces including CANOpen, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and Ethernet/IP as well as safety functions like STO. Furthermore, all nexofox features can be used for any type and brand of BLDC and DC motors, thus turning any motor into a smart motor. Standard nexofox features include MotionCode as a free programming tool and IIoT functionalities such as cloud-based condition monitoring with SmartDiagnostics. This allows extensive applications to be implemented directly on the controllers themselves. One example is ZeroPLC, where the name says it all - the entire application is implemented directly on the BGE 5510 dPro with MotionCode, which reduces the bus traffic and, in some applications, makes a separate PLC superfluous – thus, ZeroPLC often also means zero cost. A look into the near future promises even more - both on the software and hardware side. In the software department, extensions for SmartDiagnostics are already set to be released, such as the interaction between controller and SmartphoneApp or even a remote oscilloscope. The expansion of the MotionCode development environment to include more and more new features, which will make programming even easier is also being driven forward steadily. In terms of hardware, the BGE 5560 dPro with a power range of up to 60 A continuous current as well as suitable module solutions for both controllers have already been announced and are scheduled to be launched as early as 2023. This way, an even broader power and application spectrum can be covered in the future. In addition to pure hardware and software, nexofox also provides the necessary support for the commissioning or tuning of all motors on the BGE 5510. More service features include training courses around the parameterization and instructions for proper implementation of MotionCode Downloads Press release (PDF)