Statement: Does everything need to be intelligent?

The IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things grows: More and more intelligent, smart components, systems, machines and facilities are connected to the internet, send data, receive them, forward them, communicate. Where’s intelligence reasonable and necessary?

Michael Burgert, Product Manager BLDC Motors Dunkermotoren GmbH:

‘Intelligent components have proven successful, also in sensor and actuator level for many years. The connection of intelligent components within the IoT context allows a distinctly extension of possibilities and will completely interpenetrate to the industrial area.

Already today, intelligent components, e. g. electro motors perform tasks autonomously with other connected components. With more intelligent algorithms more complex tasks can be managed more flexible.

Contemporary, processes are getting more transparent because smart components can record more data, evaluate them, and communicate. The gained, high-quality data helps to improve current processes and to plan future automation task better.

Intelligence in all levels is not only reasonable but also absolutely necessary to meet future developments.’

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