Powerful and compact – the new drive solution of Dunkermotoren

Dunkermotoren developed a new drive combination within the modular system due to the requirement of some customers. The new drive solution consists of a brushed DC motor GR 53 with a compact gearbox SG 80, which combines the advantages of a slim motor with a strong worm gearbox.

The well-known market-proven combination of the brushed DC motor GR 63 with the worm gearbox SG 80 has been developed for the door automation for decades. This led to a customized version for the door automation branch. Therefore interference suppression filter were developed and integrated in the GR 63 motor. As a result of this, in a system with customer door controllers they comply with all relevant standards regarding electromagnetic compatibility. With the same target the component mounting technology was extended by versions with shrouded wirings. Versions with protection classes up to IP 65 in lead design or with customer-specific plugs at the mounted cover are available. Encoders and brakes of the Dunkermotoren modular system can also be protected from environmental impacts under the cover. To prevent an overheating of the motor in peak hours, it is possible to integrate temperature sensors on customer requirement.

Imagine a gas station where many gas pumps are running. A number of customers go the cash register to pay – that means the door gets open and closed every 10 seconds. Impends an overheating of the motor, the controller regulates with longer door-open times and slower closing speeds. So an overheating of the drive is impossible.

From gearbox-side the classical worm gearbox SG 80 was developed further to an SG 80K which in the strict sense is a cross-helical gear for the technicians between us. The material pairing provides to lubricate the gearbox with adhesive grease whereby churning losses in the lubricant disappear. So no grinding, dynamic seal elements are needed on the shaft. The results are high efficiency, excellent back drive and minimal breakaway momentum. That are parameter which are of significant importance in door automation – in building doors as well as in elevator doors, platform door systems and also in bus and train doors.

On customer requirement the aim was to create the same performance on a smaller profile, without increasing in cost. With the new combination of GR 53 with the more compact SG 80 Dunkermotoren has been successful. That the motor could withstand the forces of the gearbox reliable, the diameter of the shaft need to be increased from 6 mm to 8 mm, the bearing needed to be increased accordingly as well. In the range of the trumpet the gearbox got a new housing to minimize the installation space so that it goes perfectly together with the GR 53. Dunkermotoren renounced of the possibility of foot mounting. The result is a compact, high-torque and high-efficient drive unit which can be compared with the top dog GR 63 with SG 80 also regarding the peak load capacity. The variability of the drive goes from different sizes and supply voltage of the GR 53 up to different shafts of the SG 80 as well as reductions from 5 up to 75 to 1.

For sure, this compact cost-minimized combination will also find applications beyond the door automation for example for conveyors or solar trackers. Furthermore, the GR 53 with a shaft of 8 mm can also be obtained without gearbox for applications where higher bearing force is needed directly at the motor shaft.

As an innovative and quality-conscious company with almost 1.200 employees Dunkermotoren is developing and producing sophisticated linear and rotary motor systems from our production and logistics sites in Germany, Serbia, China and the USA. Dunkermotoren’s global footprint is able to offer you a worldwide operating partner for electric motion control solutions. All of the components in our various innovative motor solutions are designed and produced by us at Dunkermotoren. With motors capable of up to 2600 Watts output power including integrated logic and power electronics plus field bus interfaces, our modular system offers you high flexibility.

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