Mobile applications increase flexibility and efficiency - How applications are mobilized with drive solutions from Dunkermotoren

Mobile applications increase flexibility and efficiency

If you look back in the long history of hospitals, the tasks have changed a lot over time - nevertheless: the main task is and will remain the care of patients. A modern hospital is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sick people. What have changed and will continue to change in the future are the requirements.

Today, a hospital is a business that has to operate economically. The number of patients being treated is constantly increasing. Therefore, flexibility and efficiency are very important. Expensive medical equipment such as diagnostic imaging systems are often fixed in place and therefore offer limited options for flexible and efficient use.

By mobilizing such equipment, it is possible to increase utilization and provide an application directly in the patient's room or the operating room. This reduces the need to transport the patient, increases the patient’s safety and comfort and additionally reduces the workload on hospital staff. Mobile applications increase the possibilities for flexible and efficient use enormously.

Motors from Dunkermotoren are perfectly suitable for the various operating areas of mobile applications. One example are small and lightweight motors that are used as pump drives in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). When generating a negative pressure, a high motor speed is required for a short time. To keep the vacuum constant afterwards, only a low speed is needed. Those systems are often portable and battery powered. Therefore, a light weight and small installation space of the pump motor is required. In addition, the motor must operate reliably and very quietly. All these requirements are met by the BG 32 motor from Dunkermotoren.

On the other side, larger and high-torque drive solutions are used in mobile C-arms as variable displacement motors or in operating tables as travel drives. These applications also require Page 2 Professional article of Dunkermotoren GmbH in November 2021 low weight, low-noise operation, reliability and high power density in the smallest possible installation space.

Depending on the requirements, a choice can be made between a brushed or brushless motor. To increase the torque, the motor can additionally be combined with a suitable gearbox. The drive solutions from Dunkermotoren operate quietly, reliably and maintenance-free. In addition, the motors have a high power density, cover a wide voltage range and are therefore also ideally suited for battery-powered applications. Dunkermotoren's modular system offers diverse options for configuring an economical drive solution that meets the high requirements for mobile applications in medical technology.

When it comes to flexible, reliable, low-noise and maintenance-free drive solutions in the medical sector, Dunkermotoren is a partner that automates in many medical technology areas and is prepared to meet future challenges. The drive technology manufacturer from the Black Forest also offers solutions in the field of medical imaging, diagnostics, medical equipment, curative education and IoMT-enabled drive solutions.

Author: Holger Tröndle, Key Account Manager Healthcare & Laboratory, Dunkermotoren GmbH

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