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With millions of product combinations, Dunkermotoren offers the right motor solution for almost every application in the range of 1 – 4000 W. With the new online configurator Dunkermotoren enables a simple search and selection of motors, integrated controls and gearboxes.

The configurator suggests suitable products and product combinations for the user entered parameters. Possible search criteria are e.g. necessary torque and speed, the available power supply, the requirements to the motor control and the communication interface as well as the requirement of additional accessories as brakes or IP protection covers.

For the selected product combinations, the product specifications as well as drawings and 3D CAD models are shown to the user online and as a download link. Then the customer receives specifications and characteristic diagrams also for the product combination of motor and gearbox. So, the customer saves time and effort required to manually calculate the performance data, resulting from the gearbox ratio and efficiency. Moreover, the risk of misconfigurations is almost eliminated. For saved configurations, the customer can easily request an offer at any time with one click.

Be efficient and configure your demand of drive technology with Dunkermotoren!

The configurator will be available soon on our website.

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