Dunkermotoren wins the Best of Industry Award in the category drive technology

Janina Dietsche and Markus Weishaar

© Stefan Bausewein

Now it's official - after several weeks of voting, the winner of the Best of Industry Awards in the category Drive Technology has been announced. The BG 95 dPro seems to have convinced the readers and the jury of the MM Maschinenmarkt - with 37.55% the highly integrated servo motor wins ahead of the competitor’s products.
Particularly noteworthy is the fact that only those companies are nominated that have already won an industry prize, made it onto the shortlist at an awards ceremony or whose innovation has met with great reader interest on the website of the machine market. With 31 nominees in 11 categories, various branches of industry were represented with their innovative and future-oriented products.
The trend towards ever higher integrated servo motors is unbroken. The BG 95 dPro sets a new standard and at the same time improves flexibility, functionality and operational reliability. The BG 95 dPro is the first servo motor with a peak output of up to 3.900 W that does not require an external control unit at low voltages of up to 60 V, as it contains these highly integrated. The motor offers CANopen and Industrial Ethernet communication interfaces in a minimum of space. It can be programmed via language "C" like a PLC and performs tasks autonomously.
The representatives of Dunkermotoren accepted the award with great pleasure at a gala ceremony in the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg on 27.06.2019.

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