Dunkermotoren WINS at the LEAP Awards

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Dunkermotoren has won two silver medals at the LEAP Awards for best components in mechanical and electrical engineering design.

After winning the German Best of Industry Award, this is now the second prize for the BG 95 dPro, which took silver in the "Industrial Automation" category. The trend towards highly integrated servo motors continues unabated. The BG 95 dPro sets a new standard and at the same time improves flexibility, functionality and operational reliability. The IoT-capable servo motor has integrated electronics with a peak output of 3900W. There are no external controls required.

In the "Mechanical" category, a further highlight from Dunkermotoren is the BGA 22 dGo. The brushless 22 mm motor feature a cog-free design, extremely low noise level and exceptionally low heating. Due to the integrated rectifier, the BGA 22 dGo can be reversed by reversing the polarity. This makes it particularly easy to replace brushed motors.

The LEAP Awards are presented by the established US magazine Design World. The magazine Fluid Power World and EE World provide support. The jury consists exclusively of independent industrial engineers.

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For professional journal „ke NEXT“, publisher moderne industrie, issue 11/12 2019

Roland Hensel



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