Dunkermotoren nominated for Best of Industry Award 2019 - Vote now for the BG 95 dPro

BG 95 dPro

With the BG 95 dPro Dunkermotoren is nominated for the Best of Industry Award 2019 in the category drive technology. Vote now for the highly integrated servo motor BG 95 dPro. The peak output power of 3.900 W at a low voltage of up to 60 V is what sets this power pack apart. Dunkermotoren is known for the consistent integration of electronics in the motor - as it is the case with the BG 95 dPro, which also integrates all electronics in the drive. The difficulty for users in matching each individual component to the other is completely eliminated with Dunkermotoren. Thanks to the modular design principle, the drive components - motor, gearbox, brake and encoder - are already configured and matched as a complete drive. To go a decisive step further, hardware and software are no longer complete individual components. As networked modules, other modules such as an additional encoder interface or a customer-specific servo function can be added as required. This makes the system extremely flexible for users.
If you also think that the BG 95 dPro deserves an award - then vote for it:

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