Dunkermotoren goes Instagram

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Social Media – a term which is nowadays well known and lived. Meanwhile several of our pictures are also tagged with the #smartmotorsforsmartfactories. Cos, Dunkermotoren goes Instagram. The new Instagram account is currently filled with impressions from different events. If you want to participate in our events – just follow us! :-)

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Now it's official - after several weeks of voting, the winner of the Best of Industry Awards in the category Drive Technology has been announced. The...

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Dunker bewegt 2019

Dunker bewegt 2019 vom 12. bis zum 14. Juli wird erneut ein Wochenende voller Veranstaltungen und sportlichen Aktionen für Groß und Klein in der...

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The dustier and drier the air gets, the faster the solar panels will get dirty. As photovoltaic systems’ operator you should not rely on the natural...

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