Dunkermotoren creates new milestones for cost-efficient, intelligent DC motors with field bus interface - Exhibition appearance at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg

The SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg is worldwide the most important venue for companies of the automation technology. Also for Dunkermotoren, as manufacturer of electrical drive technology it is the most significant exhibition of the year.

From November, 28th – 30th Dunkermotoren shows how they go on in setting up their products for the future factory. Integrated intelligence and sensors inside the motors are the basis for data analysis, energy and condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. For years, Dunkermotoren has been leading worldwide in the range of smart EC motors. Wherever useful, motors are already able to implement and monitor tasks autonomously. For the communication inside the network Dunkermotoren offers motors with the latest industrial Bus and Ethernet interfaces. In addition, their BLDC motors have a high efficiency of over 90% and so they are able to support your demand-based distribution of energy.

As a special highlight at the SPS IPC Drives, Dunkermotoren exposes a new product range which creates new milestones regarding cost-efficient, intelligent DC motors with field bus interfaces. More details are only revealed on the first exhibition day in Nuremberg by the company.

Furthermore, the motor specialist from the Black Forest presents the completely revised software Drive Assistant 5. The user-friendly surface enables a simple control of the brushless DC motors of the series BG from Dunkermotoren.

Moreover, Dunkermotoren presents the integrated dGo electronics for the ironless axial flow designed BLDC motor BGA 22x22. This is presented to wide public at Compamed exhibition in Dusseldorf for the first time. The integrated electronics reduces wiring efforts and so increases the process reliability of the drive unit. Now the motor is also available with suitable planetary gearboxes and a brake of a 22 mm diameter.

Additional to the exhibition appearance in Nuremberg, Dunkermotoren is represented on many further drive technology exhibitions worldwide in 2018.

For more details visit:

SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg – Hall 1, Stand 1-438

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