Control our power package the BG 95 dPro CANopen live at our booth - Exhibition appearance at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg

BG 95x40 PN

The SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg is the world’s most important meeting point for companies of the automation technology. In hall 1 stand 438 Dunkermotoren presents the highlights on its most important show.

The intelligent motors of Dunkermotoren are used in many "smart factories" and perform drive tasks autonomously. One of these intelligent motors is Dunkermotoren's BG 95 dPro CO (CANopen) with an output power of up to 4000 watts. With the help of the completely revised Drive Assistant 5 software, the motor manufacturer from the Black Forest offers the option of controlling the BG 95 dPro CANopen power package directly at the exhibition stand. The user-friendly interface of the Drive Assistant 5 enables simple control of the brushless DC motors of the BG series from Dunkermotoren. BG 95 dPro with Profinet interface will also be presented for the first time.

With more than 100.000 sold units, the BG 65 (S) from Dunkermotoren is probably the most sold industrial DC servomotor with completely integrated motor electronics. With the BG 65/ BG 66 dMove Dunkermotoren launches successor products now. They completely replace the present products BG 65 (S) SI and BG 65 (S) CI motors with low encoder resolution.

With the series SA / SC 38, Dunkermotoren launches a completely new modular concept for tubular direct linear motors. The highly dynamic three-phase linear motors perform with up to 3690 N and accelerate with up to 200 m/s². The modular design is available as actuator version SA (with maintenance-free slide bearing system) and as a component version SC (for modules), optionally available with water cooling connection. A linear encoder is already integrated as a standard.

In addition to the exhibition appearance in Nuremberg, the motor specialist will also be represented at other shows in 2019. More information at:

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