BL 42 blower - the solution for medical applications

BL 42

With the BL 42 blower, MAE presents a new solution for medical applications. Medical applications such as the ventilation of patients require the highest standards in dynamics, smooth operation, reliability, low noise and compactness. This applies to the treatment of corona patients as well as sleep apnoea, which, if left untreated, can lead to further complications such as high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or insufficiency. A radial blower, such as the BL 42 from MAE, is required for this purpose. The small blower is designed for battery operation and is therefore also suitable for mobile applications. In addition to medical applications, the blower can also be used for industrial applications.

AMETEK, MAE's parent company, has many years of experience in the manufacture of blowers in the medical and aerospace sectors. Reliability is a top priority here. For the BL 42 small blower, this experience and the best technologies have been brought together. The dynamic behavior of the blower, which is driven by a BLDC external rotor motor, in combination with an appropriate motor controller, allows the generated air flow and pressure to be regulated so that it can follow the breathing rhythm of the patient.

The BL 42 is available in the voltage variants 12, 24 and 36 VDC. A special winding design and in combination with an appropriate electronic system allows the blower to be operated directly at 230 VAC.

The power consumption varies depending on the application and can be up to max. 60 W. The nominal speed of 35000 rpm thus enables a high-power output. The use of special ball bearings ensures trouble-free long operating life.

The brushless DC blower is available in the versions sensorless, with three hall sensors or in combination with an external 4Q motor control. An integrated motor control is planned.

As already mentioned, the BLDC blower is not only suitable for medical applications due to its flexibility and compact design. The BLDC blower can also be used in industrial applications like fuel cells, packaging machines or smoke detectors.

AMETEK MAE is a sister company of AMETEK Dunkermotoren. For more technical information and quotations on stepper motors, please contact your Dunkermotoren sales representative.

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