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Dunkermotoren is working with passion on the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and on the continuous improvement of its products on a constant high-quality level. For Dunkermotoren this includes offering a customer oriented After Sales Support. On the one hand we process your product complaints which can be based on mutually agreed warranty obligations and on the other hand we offer the service for error analysis, repair or modification. In any case it is our ambition to process your inquiry quickly and efficiently. In order to make this possible, please complete and send the form shown below. Thank you.

Do you need help completing the form? Please contact us by phone: +49-7703-930-122
Please note our Return Policy and the corresponding Overview of processing costs.
ATTENTION: It is not allowed to return linear units without considering the special packaging instructions for linear units.

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Leading criteria for entering a product combination is the motor type
If you would like to request a quantity higher than 20 pieces, we will treat this request as a "complete order". Please indicate the corresponding order number below.
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Material numbers have 10 digits in the format xxxxx.xxxxx and start with 88… / 27…
Serial numbers have 10 digits and start with 50.../30.../10...
Production order numbers of G30 motors have 7 digits with laser inscription on the motor housing
Here you have the possibility to upload attachments to your request. If available, please provide us with a picture of the motor label.


If you have requests for other motor types, please use a new form.

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