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As a "world-class manufacturer" in the field of drive technology, we make appropriate demands of the capability of our suppliers with regard to:

  • Product and process quality
  • Technical competence
  • Cost-efficiency and active cost-reduction management
  • Reliability and service
  • Sustainability and ecological awareness
  • So as to start the desired long-term business relationship as efficiently as possible, the following points should be observed:

Please complete all fields in the following general supplier information and send it to purchasing-DIESEN TEXT ENTFERNEN-@dunkermotoren.de:

After an initial verification, the responsible member of the purchasing staff will contact you to discuss further measures individually.

The basis for a successful cooperation is based on the following documents:

Please understand that, due to the many approaches we receive, we can only consider those that have sent us a fully-completed Supplier Information Form.

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