Professional article: The most important minor matter in the world of drive technology: Accessories


From time to time it is important to put things out of their shadowy existence into the spotlight to give them the deserved importance. Brake discs are one such example. In a car, the focus is usually on the engine, rims or the latest electronic gadgets, but not on the brake discs. But these are among the most important parts in the vehicle.

The situation is similar with the drive technology accessories for Dunkermotoren engines. It is indispensable for the function of a drive, but is rarely mentioned. All accessories for electric motors and complete drives must meet at least the same requirements as the drives themselves, sometimes even higher.

For example, many customers need to be able to move a cable back and forth millions of times in a drag chain without even breaking a single wire. Since other customers may use the same cable outdoors, it must withstand environmental stresses such as extreme heat, cold, snow, ice and continuous rain throughout its service life.

Protective covers covering the rear ball bearing must be completely waterproof, space saving, corrosion resistant, very thin and easy to install. At the same time, they must fit so tightly that they do not lose their sealing effect even under the toughest conditions, such as in an agricultural machine. Here it is not enough to use a cover and a seal off the rack. Even with such a supposedly simple component, experience in design and testing is absolutely essential.

Customers of Dunkermotoren can also place high demands on completely different accessories: Starter kits for commissioning. Here, requirements for special environmental conditions are not likely to be met. Smooth operation is more important with these accessories, as they are required for service and commissioning. Every minute counts here. Delays cost money and nerves. Starter kits, usually consisting of a connection adapter to a commissioning computer with corresponding software, must therefore be easy to operate, function reliably and thus contribute to customers not having to deal with complex wiring and programming.

Dunkermotoren accessories are intensively qualified and undergo many practical tests until they can finally be included in the Dunkermotoren portfolio. In the complete catalogue, on the last pages, they lead a shadowy existence, as if they didn't want to steal the show from the electric motors and gearboxes. In fact, these hidden heroes would deserve a place on the front page!

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