Professional article: A motor as quiet and efficient as a motor can be - the BGA 22

BGA 22

Do you like to watch music videos, preferably from live concerts? Then it is easy for you to put yourselves into the following scenario. The concert recording is played, the tension rises before the next piece, everything is quiet, only a buzzing breaks the silence and disturbs the listener sensitively!

What has happened? The motor driving the camera focusing wheel was picked up by a microphone close to the camera. That's annoying, but there is a solution - to use the BGA22 as a drive motor! Professional cameras require a lot of effort to ensure that the recordings are not disturbed by background noise. In practice, the camera focusing wheel is driven by the BGA 22, which is not locked in place and has prevailed over the concepts of other motor manufacturers. The smooth running of the BGA 22 can only be understood when you have experienced it live.

With the advent of the drones, the cameras learned how to fly. Flying cameras are powered by accumulators. In order to keep them as small and light as possible, the motors are designed for a high power-to-weight ratio and good efficiency. The BGA 22 fully meets both requirements.

Other differentiating features of the BGA22 include its very high overload capability and the resulting power density. Therefore, the spectrum of applications is huge. Other typical applications are for example:

  • Grippers for robotics. Sensitive to powerful, everything is held securely, from sensitive material that has to be treated like a raw egg to high-speed movements in which the component must not move.
  • Automatic placement machines in the electronics industry in which electronics have to be swivelled and stacked.
  • Gantries (portal robots for taking samples) run around the clock in the Analysis medical technology division. Durable, reliable motor technology is a must here.
  • In the medical technology sector, therapy with hand-held devices
  • In the luxury segment to move doors and hangings

All this is made possible by the impressive technical data of the BGA 22:

  • Continuous torque (thermally decoupled) 20 mNm
  • Continuous torque (thermally contacted) 30 mNm
  • Short-term torque 80 mNm
  • Power-to-weight ratio 308 mNm/kg
  • Efficiency up to 80
  • Speed range up to 16,000 rpm

Order a sample copy - on loan if you wish - and become an "ear witness"!

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