Interview: Dunkermotoren launches IIoT brand "nexofox"

Uwe Lorenz

In an interview - Managing Director Uwe Lorenz and Markus Weishaar, Head of IIoT & Services at Dunkermotoren.

Mr. Lorenz, Dunkermotoren announced great news on October 11, 2021 and introduced its new brand nexofox. What does this mean for Dunkermotoren?

Uwe Lorenz: For us, the launch of nexofox means actively driving the transformation from product to system provider and also to software provider. Nexofox expands our portfolio of smart motors with digital services and programming of our drives with MotionCode. This means that we can offer our customers solutions from the field level to the cloud, including the associated consulting services.

Does this mean that Dunkermotoren is now becoming more of a service provider than a drive manufacturer?

Uwe Lorenz: Definitely, we want to be an even stronger partner for our customers, providing competent support from the initial idea to the finished implementation. And above all, not only in terms of the motor itself, but also beyond that, i.e. also for control and IIoT solutions. In our view, this is also a general change that complements our previous business model of product business with that of services. Particularly in the private environment and also in individual other sectors such as warehouses, corresponding changes and the associated market demand are already clearly recognizable.

Mr. Weishaar, what do you think about this?

Markus Weishaar: I can only confirm that, especially if you take a close look at the topics around the IIoT such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, you automatically come to the conclusion that these are digital services that support our customers in operating their motors. If you continue to think about these topics consistently over the next few years, you will inevitably end up with business models such as Motor as a Service or Pay per Use, which are 100% service offerings.

How are your subsidiary EGS Automation and your sister company MAE involved in the developments around nexofox?

Markus Weishaar: The topics around the IIoT are of course considered and offered here for all sister/subsidiary companies in the same way as for Dunkermotoren itself. If you look at EGS, for example, the challenges that are mastered are quite comparable, except that the focus is not on the motor, but on the automation system and the robot.

nexofox - How did this unusual name come about?

Uwe Lorenz: In a joint brainstorming session on what we envision for the brand in the future, the terms "next generation", i.e. "next" and "intelligence" were quite decisive. And what animal embodies intelligence better than a fox? That's how the term nexofox came about. Of course, the decisive factor was that nexofox stuck in the team's mind from the very beginning, in contrast to the other options.

What can customers look forward to in the future?

Markus Weishaar: They can look forward to end-to-end solutions from the field level to the cloud. In connection with this, we also offer competent advice on the use and programming of our motors, as well as on IIoT and digitalization. Of course, innovative IIoT services that intelligently support our customers in their own applications form the DNA of nexofox.

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