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If you are a modern shopping addict who strolls from time to time around the shopping aisles, you are unknowingly accompanied on every step by Dunkermotoren. If you enter in a shopping mall or in a supermarket around the corner the door opens automatically – naturally. Even if you visit low budget markets such as ALDI, doors open automatically, too. If you visit the Swedish Living Expert IKEA you enter the showroom via a revolving door.

But what’s unknown to most of the people is that most automatic doors – especially in Europe – are run by just one brand which is in the Black Forest: Dunkermotoren. Over the last 4 decades Dunkermotoren’s most known product – the GR 63 DC-motor – has been established in the market. In combination with market related gears such as SG 80 K, SG 65 K or the latest inventions SG 85, drive solutions have been developed, which are both efficient and compact. Speaking of which, have become over a period, a kind of “gold standard” in door automation.

Premium Doors rely on Dunkermotoren

Even though standardized, automatic door systems are still a significant investment in buildings, this is especially true for revolving doors, which are always made to measure and built to order. These highly prestigious door systems require extremely high demands in terms of reliability, life time and control behaviors.

The more simple and standardized door systems, such as sliding doors or swing doors also require the same high demands. If someone spends several thousand Euro for such an automatic door system and builds it into his doorway, he has the expectation to receive a product which works for a very long time without any complaints. It is expected that premium automatic door operators perform more than one million cycles as standard, which will be realized by our drives with ease. Reserves in power allow the application to be run under extreme environmental conditions such as the Metro in Dubai, the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro or the public bus stops in mass transportation system of Monterey, Mexico. For sure these are areas of operation where the frequency of pedestrians is high and the expectation regarding reliability allow no compromise at all.

Safety Doors – Obviously Dunkermotoren

If an automatic door is in use at an escape route, for sure high reliability is requested for the door drive system. To operate in such special door systems both the door drive and the door control system must be adjusted to fulfil the high requirements in terms of reliability. To name just one challenging part, it is required to provide a redundant system to open the door under all circumstances. To provide such redundant motor solutions and/or if requested redundant encoder systems, is no problem at all due to the modularity of the flexible Dunkermotoren system. Another request is to manually open a powerless double winged sliding door, weighing 200 kg per wing. This is no problem, by using highly efficient polymeric gear materials, which can be easily back-driven, even with high efficiency mechanics, such an application can be solved quite easily.

On the other hand – for a fire protection door – the requirements are totally different. The door drive must shut immediately, without fail, to avoid the spread of fire. A robust drive technology, paired with high quality standards also enables you to solve such highly demanding applications.

Platform Screen Doors – A wide subject for Dunkermotoren

Another market – public mass transportation systems – require more and more higher safety standards for the passengers. This trend, started in Asia when passenger numbers soared, especially on subways and train systems. In Megacities, having several million inhabitants such as Shanghai, Peking, London and Paris, the highest priority is passenger’s security. To achieve this are used, the so-called Platform Screen Doors (PSD), to separate the passengers from the track and platform. These doors open only when the train has come to a full stop, then its doors start to open.

In Shanghai for instance, a train arrives every two to five minutes every day at each station, during the operational hours from five in the morning to midnight – just to mention one example. The period for maintenance obviously is reduced to 5 hours while no train operates. As there are up to 30 door installations per platform, maintenance becomes a logistics’ challenge. So, this little example shows already why train operators are interested in a reliable drive solution, operating on a minimal maintenance level. All of this is no challenge for Dunkermotoren, by having an Asian subsidiary, service can be provided everywhere. Specific requirements such as, fire control by using halogen-free cabling which doesn’t support fire and smoke distribution is not unknown in these circumstances, and is therefore predestined for the application.

Elevator Doors – High rise with Dunkermotoren

Not just in building exits and entrances, but also inside the building, e.g. on vertical transport systems aka elevators, it is probable that we open the door for you. No need to say that we move telescopic elevator doors in the same way as sliding doors. As the lifetime of an elevator system is linked to a building – expectation is that elevator operates for a minimum of 30 years – the door system in the cabin should operate with as low as possible maintenance. Beyond the safety inspections, which have to be done on a regular basis, the door system will be problem free, even though the numbers of door’ s cycles can easily reach 6-7 million cycles over the lifetime; so is essential a robust and long living system.

Safety Solutions – with Dunkermotoren for granted

Besides the task of entrance control, controlling building access is becoming more prominent in discussions. Both the access to restricted areas and the supervised control of leaving such areas, is requested. The latter is experienced by a lot of people when they are heading back from vacation without knowing that once again Dunkermotoren is very much involved. If you leave the airfield on the airport to the baggage claim, you typically walk through a safety gate. The so-called, flip-flow-gate separates the safety area from a public area. This gate operates as a normal one but allows a pedestrian flow just in one direction. The attempt to return will be prevented by closing doors.

Another place in the airport is passport or boarding control at new e-gates. Some of these gates are driven by Dunkermotoren. And don’t forget – even though you may not like it – the access control to restrooms on motorway service stations also operate with Dunkermotoren support.

Dunkermotoren – The entrance to an open world

It is true that Dunkermotoren is present at many places where you enter or leave a building to open the door. By using both high quality components and highly sophisticated solutions Dunkermotoren is the reliable partner in door automation. The Experience over several decades is setting the gold standard in door applications.

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