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Sponsoring Wutach school

Together with the hunter’s association registered it was possible that Dunkermotoren sponsored three therapy bikes worth 6.000 € to the Wutach school in Tiengen. With the custom-built bikes, the mobility can be encouraged and conjures a smile on the kids’ faces.

How did this sponsoring come around?

1st Bike:

Our Director Human Resources Renate Heizmann received a letter from the pediatrician of Bonndorf Dr. Christian Spitz. He asked for donation of a therapy bike for the Wutach school in Tiengen. The bike would be of high importance especially for the pupil Jeremy Kupka from St. Blasien as it would encourage his mobility. The management from Dunkermotoren agreed to this great project and was immediately willing to bear all the costs of the bike for Jeremy.

2nd Bike:

CIP (ContinousImprovementProcess) Teams of our company (four teams of the GR production, two teams of the gearbox production and one team of the tool shop) were immediately willing to donate their money which they received through CIP suggestions for the second therapy bike. The amount of the CIP suggestions was increased to the cost of the second bike by the management of Dunkermotoren.

3rd Bike:

Klaus Wildemann (Director IT department) received an inquiry from the pupil Samuel Mauch if he and three other classmates could implement a technical school project together with the company. Whereas the drives of the shooting range of the hunter’s association Hochschwarzwald were legacy, Klaus Wildemann hit on the idea to renew the shooting range with drives of Dunkermotoren. So, Samuel and his classmates developed together with apprentices from Dunkermotoren, a new pressure drive technology and installed it to the shooting range. The hunter’s association was very satisfied and donated 2.000€, which were donated to the Wutach school in Tiengen.

In July 2017, the involved parties participated in the handover of the donation to the school and the presentation of the first bike. The highlight of the event was that Jeremy Kupka could try his new bike the venue. You could see the immense joy in his eyes.

Who or what’s the Wutach school?

The Wutach school in Tiengen is a special educational and advisory center with the focus on supporting, physical and motoric development of children.

It’s an elementary school with five school years. It offers all educational programs which can be fulfilled by pupils with a physical handicap at this age. Depending on the individual abilities and skills, the curriculum can be adapted to the one of the elementary school, the special-needs school, or the school for mentally handicapped pupils. In the building of this school, there’s also a school kindergarten integrated. This school kindergarten is a preschool institution for children at the age from two to six years, which have special educational needs due to a physical or multi-handicap or a psychomotor development delay.

Also, an early intervention is offered by the Wutach school. Early intervention is an offer of assistance for handicapped, handicapped threatened and development delayed children. It is only performed with the accordance and collaboration of the parents.

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