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Operating table Maquet Meera

Friday evening - in the busy hustle and bustle of after-work traffic, everyone just wants to get home from work as quickly as possible in order to finally start the weekend with the family. This is also the case at a main intersection, where the traffic light is actually set to red. Actually.

University Hospital Emergency Room 7:35 p.m.: Traffic accident with an injured person. After the drive with the ambulance, it goes directly into the operating room. Blessing in disguise applies to the patient, who is admitted to hospital with only a few complicated bone fractures instead of life-threatening injuries. Due to his body mass index over 30, the patient is transferred to bariatric surgery. This is aimed at the treatment of overweight patients. In order to meet the increased requirements in this area, the operating rooms in bariatric surgery are specially equipped. Particular importance is attached to the robustness of the devices and the relief of personnel during manual activities. The company Getinge offers requirements-oriented solutions. 175 years of experience in the development of operating tables are reflected in these products. One of these newly developed products is the Maquet Meera operating table. It is a mobile operating table as a further development of the already established products Maquet Alphastar PRO and Maquet Betastar. During the development, Getinge incorporated the advantages of the predecessor models into the Maquet Meera product. Maquet Meera combines highest patient comfort, user friendliness and economy.

The mobile operating table doesn’t only convince by its stability and extreme mobility, but also by its design. The Maquet Meera is one of the winners of the famous iF label. It won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 In the category Medicine / Healthcare. For 60 years, the iF Design Award has been considered one of the world's most influential industrial design awards. With a maximum patient weight of 250 kg and a total load capacity of 454 kg, the operating table offers full stability and mobility. Getinge is focusing on an integrated travel drive for the implementation of mobility. To move the table, it is raised electrically. The four double castors allow the operating table maximum mobility in every direction. In combination with the Sensor Drive, the table with integrated travel drive can be moved precisely and steplessly - forwards and backwards. In the narrow corridors and corridors of an operating wing, Maquet Meera offers users ergonomic and safe patient transport. Sensor Drive creates safety in the operating theatre and relieves the hospital staff, because the table no longer has to be moved manually. By retracting the castors, the electrical detection sets the operating table foot completely on the ground.

The central component of the sensor drive is a motor solution from Dunkermotoren. As a manufacturer of electrical drive technology, Dunkermotoren distinguishes itself by its modular construction system. In a specification, the customer defines the requirements with regard to installation space, speed and torque for the application. With the modular system, Dunkermotoren has the option of implementing a customer-specific and economically attractive motor solution when selecting the right motor, gearbox, encoder and brake. At Getinge and the mobile drive unit, Dunkermotoren is going one step further now. Dunkermotoren becomes a system supplier who has optimized and further developed the complete drive unit together with Getinge.

In addition to the drive combinatorics of the GR 63, a brush type DC motor and the SG 80 a worm gearbox as the basis, the scope of supplying the complete system also includes the assembly of the roller, springs, cylinders and other mechanical components. Nevertheless, the design authority of the entire assembly is still at Getinge.

The challenge in this drive unit project was to meet the increased requirements of the medical market. Such a project can only be realized with a partnership-based and cross-company cooperation with regard to qualification and validation within the various areas of responsibility. The requirement for supplier optimization in the medical market can be implemented with the expansion to a system supplier. For Getinge, the motivation is reducing the supplier base and shortening the supply chain. This significantly reduces the involved effort in supplier management for the OEM. In order to evolve from a component supplier to a system supplier, some organizational, process and production-related adjustments are necessary. Dunkermotoren has gladly accepted and implemented this challenge.

The development of Dunkermotoren to a system supplier is a completely new practical experience and knowledge. To date, the motor manufacturer has only had an insight into the technical requirements of the application. By expanding the scope of supply, Dunkermotoren can now incorporate the design and selection of the drive into the overall system at an early stage. In addition, the interface between the drive and the application can be optimized. Another positive aspect is also direct communication between the individual departments and the customer and supplier. This allows the development a reduced time of new and product optimizations to be implemented more quickly.

First positive experiences with the implementation of a project as a system supplier could be gained with the operating table Maquet Meera. Further projects are currently being implemented with well-known customers in the medical technology sector. Previously, the supplier's focus was more on the selection of the drive in relation to the application. This has now changed with the stronger integration into the customer's overall system. The additional information on the Maquet Meera product has led to a wider perspective and thus a better understanding of the needs of users and patients. The accident patient from obesity surgery was optimally treated with the product Maquet Meera. The flexible travel drive was an important support. As a system supplier, Dunkermotoren was also able to make a small contribution to the patient's recovery. In the field of medical technology, Dunkermotoren has established itself in numerous fields of applications. With its existing product portfolio of brushless and brush DC motors, AC motors and linear systems that can be combined with gearboxes, brakes and encoders, the motor manufacturer offers customer specific solutions. In addition to operating tables, MRT/CT applications, laboratory applications, pumps, X-ray applications and rehabilitation equipment are among the main applications.

Dunkermotoren as system supplier

With its modular system, Dunkermotoren offers its customers maximum flexibility. From brushed and brushless DC motors through linear systems and AC motors to attachments such as gearboxes, encoders and brakes, the motor specialist offers the possibility of obtaining the complete motor solution from a single source. This is also the case with the Maquet Meera operating table, which is equipped with a traction drive from Dunkermotoren.

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