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HeDu apprenticeship cooperation

HeDu apprenticeship cooperation - Get together in the future

HeDu is an apprenticeship cooperation which was initiated at Dunkermotoren. HeDu stands for the companies Hectronic and Dunkermotoren which are neighbors in the Allmend street in Bonndorf.


Motor Control Platform - MCP

10111001000100010010000100110011 Number chains of zeros and ones are the flow of information through the circuits of microcomputers. There they are acquired, computed and output as data. Microcomputers (processors) are also included in every BG motor with integrated electronics. They receive information from a variety of sensors and interfaces and use it to calculate the status of the motor.


Application Service

Since the formation of the company, Dunkermotoren GmbH has been living by the motto of supporting its customers after buying a motor solution. “After Sales” is not only lived by the Sales Department but also in the whole company.

Especially in times of digitalization and industry 4.0 service and service competence is very important. Often, 24 hours’ production and seven days a week must be ensured without any interference. The principle applies: ‘The supplier is the solution provider’.


Interconnected motor technology

The diligent bees simulate it to us: Every bee performs small tasks autonomously by itself. With smart and little communication, it is possible to organize themselves and compensate errors in the whole organization. Is the decentralized intelligence an example for the interconnected motor technology or rather the centralized nerve system of the living organisms among us, were all information converge at one point, get handled and cause actions? We try to illuminate this questions from the point of view of a motor technology manufacturer.


Comparison of design height

Dunkermotoren developed a new drive combination within the modular system due to the requirement of some customers. The new drive solution consists of a brushed DC motor GR 53 with a compact gearbox SG 80, which combines the advantages of a slim motor with a strong worm gearbox.


Icon Instagram

Social Media – a term which is nowadays well known and lived. Meanwhile several of our pictures are also tagged with the #smartmotorsforsmartfactories.


BG 75 EC, PLG 75

“Dad, where do the babies come from?” Do you know what to answer here? But this is not the only question. The following one can even for specialists be inconvenience: “What’s exactly a Servomotor?”


Handbook for selection of motors

Together with the renowned motor technology expert Dr. Jens Weidauer, Dunkermotoren has published a free handbook of formulas on motor technology.


BGE 6060A

Controllers from Dunkermotoren with Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality.

The external controller series BGE has been extended by another, important feature.


BG 66 dMove

Dunkermotoren will also be represented at LogiMAT in Stuttgart for the first time in 2019. In hall 3 at stand B70, the drive manufacturer will present a highlight of DC servo motors for the intralogistics industry from 19 to 21 February 2019.


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