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Good reasons for Dunkermotoren

Good Reasons for Dunkermotoren

Technology & Customer Focus

At Dunkermotoren, research and development is a way of life. The company is actively committed to developing key technologies and products that are crucial for its growth. Next generation technology is in the R&D pipeline today. Product development is focused on innovations to help our customers create value and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Quality Assurance & Reliability

One of Dunkermotoren's primary objectives is to offer outstanding quality. In 1991 Dunkermotoren became the world´s first manufacturers of small motors to be certified to ISO 9001. In the meantime, Dunkermotoren has won numerous quality awards. Dunkermotoren regards quality as a comprehensive process involving all activities in the factory. Our products are manufactured on highly automated production lines. Failure mode and effects analysis during design and development, and fully automated testing integrated in the production line ensure a uniformly high level of quality.

Flexibility, Delivery Performance & Complete Motion Solutions

Standardized motors, gears and modular accessories are available with a higher degree of flexibility to address specific requirements in complete motion solutions and brushless motor. For the customer, this means better control of quality, reduced inventory and reduced production time. If any detail does not entirely meet your requirements, our R&D department will make modifications at short notice. Dunkermotoren’s Modular System and optimized logistics, enable prompt delivery for both stock and customized products.


Dunkermotoren´s multi-lingual customer service advisers are always on hand. By worldwide local presence of Alcatel-Lucent Dunkermotoren individual responsibility is given to the interests of the trading partners - the best drive solution and the most economical application. Today and in the future, Dunkermotoren will provide a total service to the customers - wherever they are.

Sustainable Development

Dunkermotoren is fully aware of its role to promote sustainable development. Therefore it commits itself to pay particular attention to the environment conservation while selecting and using efficiently raw materials and energy necessary for production, supply and use of the product. In 2002 Dunkermotoren has introduced the environmental management system conforming to the standard ISO 14001.

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