Maria Meyer

Head of Technology Motors

Never a dull moment with Dunkermotoren!
The special thing about Dunkermotoren is the familiar and working atmosphere among each other. The employee is in the foreground here.

I was given the opportunity to participate in the specialist and talent development program "DunkerSTEP".
Thanks to numerous additional training courses, I was able to develop my skills here in the company and am now head of our motor development department.

Thanks to flexitime, I am able to reconcile work and private life well, as even short-term appointments are no problem.
Marius Kholbrenner

Marius Kohlbrenner

Production Planner

I appreciate the trust you get for your work
After my apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic, I soon graduated as a part-time industrial foreman for metal and as a quality assistant for technology in cooperation with Dunkermotoren.
The versatility and variety of the products are special to me. Above all, I appreciate the team spirit of my colleagues and the trust they give you for your work.

Outside working hours, there are also sports activities offered, which I think is great!
Vanessa Gleichauf

Vanessa Gleichauf

IT (ABAP developer)

Nice colleagues and a diversified field of work
After my trainee studies in business informatics in cooperation with the FH Furtwangen, I started my career in the IT department. I really enjoy my job because I have nice colleagues and a varied field of work.

I really appreciate special services, such as the canteen.

Because of the short commute, I still have enough free time for my hobbies. This is the perfect balance to the daily work routine.
Benjamin Maier

Benjamin Maier

Head of Technology Gears

„I want to improve gear technology and bring new gear units into the market“
During my dual mechanical engineering studies, I was deployed abroad for ten weeks, which was a great experience for me. After my studies I gained one year of work experience before I started my master studies in cooperation with Dunkermotoren. Since last year I am team leader of the gears development department. I see "the World of Transmission Technology at Dunkermotoren" as a big project with many interesting and varied tasks, which I would like to accomplish and answer together with my colleagues.

The special thing about Dunkermotoren is the good working environment, as well as the wide range of offers, especially in apprenticeship: Whether it's trips, stays abroad or the canteen and fuel vouchers at Dunkermotoren, nothing is missing!

As an enthusiastic musician, I also appreciate the working orchestra. Making music together strengthens our team and is great fun.
Kai Gantert

Kai Gantert

Quality Management

"There is an open and friendly working atmosphere at Dunkermotoren."
After my bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, I obtained various certificates of further education. I also successfully completed my extra-occupational master's degree. Dunkermotoren employees are very flexible in order to further educate theirselves as well as possible.

Due to my varied tasks I have to deal with many departments. I am responsible for my own work and can use my creativity.

In a few years, I see myself in a leadership position, as I am interested in having a say in several topics and getting them off the ground. I would like to expand and equip the Dunkermotoren company for the future!
Thomas Weishaar

Thomas Weishaar

Head of Segment Sales

„People are the center of attention at Dunkermotoren“
I started working for Dunkermotoren very early on as a vacation jobber in various areas. After gaining several years of professional experience with other companies, my path led me back to Dunkermotoren as a sales engineer. I took over various management positions in sales.

The company enabled me to spend an unforgettable 1.5 year abroad in the USA together with my family. There I was responsible for the reorganization of the Office USA.

What moves me to stay here?

At Dunkermotoren, people are the center of attention. There is a collegial and friendly interaction with one another. Dunkermotoren is a pearl of the Black Forest.

Also: Why switch to the District League when you already play in the Champions League?
Jessica Heizmann

Jessica Heizmann

Motor Development

„The abilities of each individual are addressed“
In my school days I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon at Dunkermotoren. They introduces the company to us with a presentation and company tour. Already the first impression convinced me.

I completed both my bachelor's and master's studies in cooperation with Dunkermotoren. Afterwards I was employed in the motor development department.

I very much appreciate the relaxed and fun way of working with my colleagues and the managers. In addition, the skills of each individual are taken into account.
Kevin Kessler

Kevin Kessler

Bachelor’s student

„I was very much supported by everyone and had great supervision“
Dunkermotoren has accompanied me all my life. I got to know the company through a trial internship and numerous vacation jobs in various departments.

In addition, I had the opportunity to write my bachelor thesis for four months at Dunkermotoren, while supporting the HR department.

As my topic was talent identification and talent management, I had a lot of contact with department and division managers. During the four months, I was very much supported by all of them and had a great supervision. I am very happy that I was able to sign a contract and that I will be able to play an active role in the HR department in the future.
Timo Plum

Timo Plum

Order Management

"Thanks to the good and funny interaction with my work colleagues, I like to go to work"
It all started with a vacation job and in 2010, I started my apprenticeship as industrial clerk, which I successfully completed. After the apprenticeship, I startet in the Internal Sales Department and soon changed to the Standard Sales Department. I have now been working in Order Management for three years. I was trained and promoted in the form of internal and external training courses.

Thanks to the good and companionable way I deal with my colleagues, I enjoy coming to work. In general, there is a pleasant togetherness and a good atmosphere.

The special thing about Dunkermotoren is its social commitment, such as the cooperation with Caritas and the 'Dunker-bewegt' days.

In addition, I have enough time for my hobbies.
Jan Plum

Jan Plum

Production Engineering

"Dunker is like a big family to me."
I got to know Dunkermotoren through a summer job during my school days. Since I immediately got a great impression of the company, I decided to train as an industrial mechanic. After the apprenticeship I gained one year of work experience before I graduated in mechanical engineering/ mechatronics. I have now been working in the quality control department of the production for five years.

I really enjoy my work and tasks. One of the reasons for this, is the open and collegial way my colleagues treat me. Dunker is like a big family to me.

I am very satisfied at Dunkermotoren!
Tim Giadone

Timo Giadone

Head of Production Management

"Every day there are new challenges and projects that I enjoy very much"
At Dunkermotoren, I worked in many different areas. It all started as an industrial mechanic apprentice, continued with foremen and quality technicians, and ended with my current position as production manager.
Meanwhile, I completed the industrial foreman and the technical business economist part-time. Dunkermotoren offers numerous training and further education opportunities, in which one you are always actively supported and encouraged.

I have always enjoyed working at Dunkermotoren because of the familiar and good atmosphere. I have made many new contacts here. Every day there are new challenges and projects here that I enjoy a lot.

In spite of enough work, the private balance is very good. In my free time I like to spend time with my family or continue working on the house and garden.