To ensure that the quality of our products always meets the highest standards, we also place correspondingly high demands on our suppliers.

In order to make the desired long-term business relationship efficient right from the start, please fill out the general supplier Questionnaire completely before making initial contact and send it to

» Supplier Questionnaire

After an initial check, the responsible purchasing employee will contact you to discuss the further procedure individually.

The following documents form the basis for a successful cooperation:

» General purchasing conditions of Dunkermotoren 
» Purchasing conditions of Dunkermotoren for tooling (on request)
» Secrecy agreement (on request)
» List of banned substances 
» Conflict minerals 
» Requirements for FAI reports 
» Requirements for 8D reports 
» Template 8D report

Please understand that, due to the many contacts, we can only consider suppliers who have submitted a completely filled out Supplier Questionnaire.

Dunkermotoren GmbH