The GR 63 at the top of Formula 1

GR63-Formula1What do Formula 1 driver George Russell and a brushed DC motor from Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, have in common?
They both have the abbreviation GR 63, and they are both true top performers!

While George Russell wears his black helmet bearing the "GR 63" imprint is driving to the top of Formula 1, the Dunkermotoren GR 63 brushed DC motor has been leading the top-seller list of the drive technology manufacturer for years.

With around 800,000 units sold each year, the GR 63 motor with its two length options and various voltage versions ranging from 12 to 230 V is Dunkermotoren's best-selling motor. No surprise here! Just like George Russell, it is a true multi-talent. While the Mercedes team driver successfully winds his way around the world's most diverse racing tracks, the GR 63 reliably automates machines in a wide variety of applications.

With rated speeds from 3300 rpm to 6000 rpm, a continuous output of up to 180 watts and a peak output of up to 500 watts, this motor proves itself in fields such as door automation. Combined with a suitable worm gearbox from the Dunkermotoren modular system, the resulting drive solution is very compact when installed in revolving, sliding, or swing doors. In the field of medical technology, the GR 63 has also performed reliably over many years. Its ball bearings and optional interference suppression enables particularly quiet and smooth operation of medical pumps. Thanks to its high power density and variable supply voltage tailored to each application, the motor is perfectly suited even for mobile pumps with battery-powered operation. In applications such as train steps and train doors, the GR 63 is highly desired thanks to its price/performance ratio. With an attached encoder and brake, train steps for platforms of different heights can be aligned and held in position securely. Protection classes up to IP 67 ensures a maintenance-free operation over the entire service life even in harsh environments, when moisture, dirt and dust stress the motor housing. And the GR 63's top features don't stop at industrial automation either. From industrial printers to the food industry, this brushed DC motor has been reliably driving countless applications for years - and maybe it will soon drive your application as well.

Dunkermotoren is the world market leader in drive technology with power range up to 5kW and offers customized drive solutions per your individual requirements.

Through the continuous development of its products, Dunkermotoren is doing its best to keep the GR 63 reliably driving millions of applications in the future and continue its success - just like George Russell on his way to the top of Formula 1 ranking.


Stefanie Tröndle

Marketing Content Management and Lead Processing

Dunkermotoren GmbH
Allmendstraße 11
79848 Bonndorf, Germany

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