The drive unit as an important component in reliable packaging processes

Motors for PackagingThe global connectivity between suppliers and buyers has led to growing expectations towards fast delivery times. In addition to material availability and construction of the actual product, the packaging process is just as important as all preceding steps. The requirements on the packaging machines in terms of speed, precision, flexibility, and connectivity are more important than ever before. This includes e.g., "stand-alone" dosing, feeding, and sorting equipment as well as forming, filling, and sealing machines, cartoners, etc. up to complete packaging lines. Specified cycle times must be maintained reliably and machine downtimes avoided or planned for in advance. Reliable drive components in the packaging process contribute to high reliability and availability of the systems.

With its smart BLDC motor portfolio, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, offers energy-efficient drive solutions with high power density, which can be used throughout the entire packaging process. With robust standard motors as well as special water and detergent resistant motors for "hygienic designs", all areas of primary, secondary, and transport packaging are served. Thanks to their exceptionally smooth operation, the motors can be easily integrated into goods transportation systems with integrated checkweighers. The highly dynamic and precisely controllable motors enable a high degree of flexibility in the entire packaging process thanks to short switching intervals and start-stop operations. Changing parameters during ongoing operation, such as changes in portioning quantities, product, and packaging formats or conveyor speed can be implemented effortlessly without retooling time.

Thanks to integrated bus interfaces, machine data can easily be read down to the individual motor level.This contributes to the overall assessment of machines and packaging lines in terms of process quality, wear and tear, and efficient maintenance planning, as well as the increasingly important environmental footprint of the entire machine.

With help from our support team and the capabilities of nexofox, motors can be configured, programmed, and integrated into an existing ecosystem easily and individually. . In addition, holistic concepts for networking systems from field level to the cloud are realized together with the customer. Dunkermotorenoffers valuable expertise ranging from application consulting, support in selecting appropriate hardware, and the integration of individual components, up to the connectivity of entire systems making the drive technology manufacturer a knowledgeable and reliable partner for the whole packaging process.

Author: Viktor Schuchart, Key Account Manager Segment Industrial Automation, Dunkermotoren GmbH


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