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With millions of product combinations, Dunkermotoren offers the right motor solution for almost every application in the range of 1 – 4000 W. With the new online configurator Dunkermotoren enables a simple search and selection of motors, integrated controls and gearboxes.

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SA / SC 38

The most important industry exhibition worldwide - the HMI in Hanover – is for leading companies of the automation branch one of the most important venues. With a booth size of 63 m², Dunkermotoren will also exhibit at the Hanover exhibition from April 1st to 5th, 2019 in hall 15 at stand D10.

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Applications Door Automation

If you are a modern shopping addict who strolls from time to time around the shopping aisles, you are unknowingly accompanied on every step by Dunkermotoren. If you enter in a shopping mall or in a supermarket around the corner the door opens automatically – naturally.

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Design motor BGA 22 dCore

You do not hear it, you can hardly see it, even when touched you can only guess at it. What is it? A question that is answered different to fairy tales with a real product for drive technology - the ironless DC motor BGA 22, which is constructed according to the axial flux principle.

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Sponsoring Wutach school

Together with the hunter’s association registered it was possible that Dunkermotoren sponsored three therapy bikes worth 6.000 € to the Wutach school in Tiengen. With the custom-built bikes, the mobility can be encouraged and conjures a smile on the kids’ faces.

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BG 95x40 PN

‘Sweetie. If you want to become someone, you need to learn languages.’ What applies for children, applies also for electro motors. The more languages they speak, the more successful they are. Already now, Dunkermotoren is successful with motors which communicate to other gadgets or among themselves.

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Optimization GR 80

GR 80x80

Products such as the GR 80, that have been on the market for a long time, need to be adjusted in design from time to time; to adapt the product to the changed normative requirements or to cover increased customer requirements also in the generic area.

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HeDu apprenticeship cooperation

HeDu apprenticeship cooperation - Get together in the future

HeDu is an apprenticeship cooperation which was initiated at Dunkermotoren. HeDu stands for the companies Hectronic and Dunkermotoren which are neighbors in the Allmend street in Bonndorf.

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Motor Control Platform - MCP

10111001000100010010000100110011 Number chains of zeros and ones are the flow of information through the circuits of microcomputers. There they are acquired, computed and output as data. Microcomputers (processors) are also included in every BG motor with integrated electronics. They receive information from a variety of sensors and interfaces and use it to calculate the status of the motor.

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Application Service

Since the formation of the company, Dunkermotoren GmbH has been living by the motto of supporting its customers after buying a motor solution. “After Sales” is not only lived by the Sales Department but also in the whole company.

Especially in times of digitalization and industry 4.0 service and service competence is very important. Often, 24 hours’ production and seven days a week must be ensured without any interference. The principle applies: ‘The supplier is the solution provider’.

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