Power and Generation Supply

Power generation and supply

Energy-rich and sustainable into the future

From the first coffee in the morning, to the drive to work, to the well-earned shower in the evening - our activities require electricity or other energy sources almost continuously. With durable and shock-tested motors for solar cleaning robots, mobile charging stations for electric cars or switchgear in power distribution centers, we provide the right energy kick in our everyday lives.
Power Generation and Supply

Why we offer the perfect drive solution


Intelligent, connected and robust drive systems 
High functional reliability
High degree of protection
Versions for extreme temperature ranges 
Vibration and shock tested as standard 
Customized adaptations.

Better together

  • Our drive solutions have proven themselves over many years and therefore offer the optimum cost-performance ratio
  • Products from Dunkermotoren do not shy away from tough use - whether in the desert or the arctic - our systems hold their own
  • Integrate our drives easily into existing systems - we offer standard integrated electronics with various bus interfaces
  • For maximum customer benefit, a wide range of customer-specific adaptations can be made

Our Drive Components in use


  • Outdoor cleaning robots
    In order for solar systems to use the full solar radiation to generate sustainable energy, the solar panels must be kept free of dirt at all times. Cleaning robots with particularly robust traction drives can do their job in all weather conditions.
    outdoor cleaning robots
  • Charging robots
    Electromobility determines a large part of our daily lives. In order to further expand the charging infrastructure, Dunkermotors are used as the traction, steering and adjustment drive of a robot arm. 
  • Control of water regulation systems
    Hydropower is a big component in the conversion from fossil to renewable energy. The amount of water required for power generation is controlled, regulated and metered by sluices - driven by Dunkermotoren.
  • Rotor blade maintenance
    Small, compact and with IP 65 protection, our drives are ideal for use in applications that are exposed to harsh weather conditions high up and offshore on a daily basis.
  • Switchgear
    Whether as a solo motor or in combination with planetary or right angle gearboxes - our robust DC motors have proven themselves over the years in automated, and gas or air-insulated switchgear.

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