Mass Transit and Motive

We Drive what Moves People Forward

Whether you travel on the roads, rails, or in the air, we want move people from point A to B as quickly and comfortably as possible. Reliability and safety are a top priority here. Dunkermotoren manufactures a variety of products for bus ramps, train doors, shipping docks, entry gates at train stations, and even braking systems – we drive what moves people forward. Our motor solutions ensure maintenance-free and safe operation, even with high duty cycles and temperature fluctuations.

Why we offer the perfect drive solution

Long service life and high cycle rates
Protection class up to IP 69K
Versions for extreme temperature ranges
Vibration and shock tested to railroad standard EN 61373
EMC and ESD solutions to DIN EN 50121-3-2
Fire protection to EN 45545-2-2013

Better together

  • Drive solutions from 1 to 5,000 W output power
  • Our modular system offers around 25 million configuration options
  • Not only do our motors meet the highest standards of the railroad industry EN 50155, so do our attachments, such as the ME 52 RR magnetic encoder.
  • Our drive solutions have proven themselves in the railway industry over many years - the equipment on the ICE high speed train is just one well-known example.

Our drives in use

  • Railroad
    In the railroad industry, our drive products are used in sanding systems, windshield wipers, train steps, interior and exterior doors, pantographs, locking mechanisms, and for hydraulic breakings systems.
  • Municipal Vehicles
    To ensure that our cities and towns always present themselves at their best, municipalities need vehicles that are used for things like cleaning streets and sidewalks or shoveling snow. In the case of road cleaning machines, our brush drives offer fast and powerful operation to keep the roads clean of trash and dirt.
  • Access Systems / Platform Screen Doors
    Anyone who has ever traveled in Asia has seen them – the Platform Screen Doors allow for safe entry of trains, streetcars, and subways. The so-called PSDs prevent pedestrians from stepping onto train tracks or standing too close to an arriving train. This means trains can enter and exit a station at a much higher speed, transporting passengers to their destination quicker and safer than without PSDs in place. Dunkermotors are used in PSDs all over the world.
  • Shipping
    Container ships move an unthinkable amount of goods around the world, but these mega-freighters can only move if all cogs are running smoothly. Dunkermotors are used in AdBlue pumps, flap adjusters, and ship doors to ensure safe and timely transport of hot goods.
  • Automotive
    Whether for parking heaters, seat, seat belt or spoiler adjustment - our drives have proven their capabilities in commercial vehicles as well as in luxury class models.

Press releases

Pre-Show Report – Dunkermotoren at the MD&M West show in Anaheim, CA
Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, will be exhibiting at the MD&M West show in Anaheim (February 6th – 9th) at booth 2986 in the German Pavilion. Dunkermotoren’s product portfolio includes brushless and brushed DC motors up to 5 kW, stepper motors and linear systems. Dunkermotoren incorporates a modular system to combine their motors with planetary and right-angle gearboxes, encoders, brakes, and integrated or external electronics into a single package. This creates fully configurable and customized solutions for your application. All products are designed and manufactured in Germany and are known for their high quality and maximum flexibility thanks to their modularity, which allows for customization even in small quantities. Dunkermotoren’s rotary solutions are ideal for applications such as packaging applications. The motors allow for variable speed/variable torque operation with high bearing load capabilities, which provides the ideal drive for VFFS, case packers, conveyors, and belt driven applications. The linear systems are fast, precise, maintenance and wear-free, and can replace pneumatic and hydraulic solutions for extended life and environmentally friendly solutions. Dunkermotoren’s linear systems can be configured in single or multi-axis configuration such as a gantry system. Typical uses include material handling and pick-and-place applications. In the medical sector, the motor technology manufacturer is known for high reliability, long service life, and solutions-based approach. Downloads Press release (PDF)
Start for a new linear motor series from Dunkermotoren
With the SL 38 product family, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, is presenting the first size of the new linear motor series “ServoLinear”. The SL family impresses with great performance and flexibility. The strengths of the SL 38 motors lie particularly in their speed, force, and acceleration. The peak forces of the new linear motors reach up to 3700 N at an acceleration of more than 200 m/s2. Applications that previously used slow spindle motors or inaccurate belt drives can now be driven much faster and more precisely with the new SL 38, thus increasing the application´s output significantly. To meet the diverse requirements of a wide range of industrial applications, a total of five versions of the SL 38 have been developed. These are all based on the same base motor, which has been adapted to fit the special requirements of the respective application area. Starting with the component, for example, it is installed as a "ready-to-use" module or with an anti-rotation mounting plate in the TwinGuide version. For harsh environmental conditions or for operation in the food industry, the SL 38 is also available in a stainless-steel version. This option has uniform stainless steel surfaces, hexagonal screw connections and special hygienic seals, to guarantee protection classes of up to IP69K. A special feature available in all versions is the optional water-cooling system, which allows the continuous forces of the motors to be doubled. The different versions of the SL 38 family allow the ServoLinear product to be used with great flexibility. The high force capabilities are required in fields like special machine construction. The acceleration and high speeds, in turn, ensure shorter cycle times and thus achieve an increase in output. This means that production processes can be carried out much faster and more accurately. Further sizes, e.g. for use under strict installation space specifications, will be added to the ServoLinear series in the near future, covering an even wider performance range. For detailed information or support with the design of your linear drive, visit our Dunkermotoren website: or contact us via our contact form: Downloads Press release (PDF)
New Dunkermotoren catalog 2023-24 now also introduces own IIoT services
Just in time for the new year, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, publishes its new main catalog 2023/24. Updated with the latest products and features, the catalog includes the complete product and service portfolio of the drive technology manufacturer. The modular system as well as the combination overview right at the beginning shows the various possible combinations of motor, gearbox, encoder and co. for each available motor series. In addition, two completely new product series have been added to the catalog. On the one hand, it is now included the hub gearboxes in sizes NG 250 and NG 500 with 250 and 500 kg load capacity per axle. In the customer application, it is the gearbox itself which is used as drive wheel, making the compact planetary gearbox the perfect fit for the use in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and AGVs. Furthermore, Dunkermotoren is adding the SL 38 linear motor series to its new catalog. This highly dynamic three-phase linear motor is available not only in the simple motor version but, among others, also as a module or stainless-steel version (STL). Thanks to the standardized connection, a water-cooling can be added easily. For the first time, several pages in the catalog are dedicated to the topic of IIoT and, thus, the company's own IIoT brand nexofox. With the Smart Diagnostics service packages in the scopes S to L customers can now easily get started with the Internet of Things. In addition, a comprehensive range of services, such as training courses, can be seen in the catalog, enabling every customer to book the right support for their drives. Another update in the nexofox area are the settings for external controllers. The latest status of each setting can be accessed via a QR code on the website at any time. Curious? Take a look at: Downloads Press release (PDF)
Dunkermotoren, MAE and EGS Automation publish sixth edition of "mo
For the sixth time, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK has published a new issue of the drive technology magazine “mo. Just like the previous editions, the magazine once again covers exciting topics around latest drive technology trends and provides interesting insights into the companies Dunkermotoren, MAE, and EGS Automation. The magazine introduces the new Application engineering department at Dunkermotoren, acting as a technical interface to support the sales team and customer on new projects. They will assist with the configuration of a perfect drive solution right from the beginning. This year's issue pays special attention to the subsidiary EGS Automation in Donaueschingen. In addition to an interview with the founder Robert Eby, a detailed application example provides information about the countless automation possibilities of EGS solutions. Illustrated with numerous pictures, the article shows how the automotive supplier KE Elektronik achieves an annual output of several million connectors completely autonomously – thanks to two injection molding machines and six robots built by EGS Automation. Another focus in the sixth “mo issue was set on Industry 4.0. After the launch of nexofox in October 2021, the IIoT brand is now presenting its own service catalog. In addition to training courses on motor configuration and programming as well as individual service contracts for commissioning and fault analysis of smart motor solutions, nexofox will also be happy to advise you on your questions about predictive maintenance or provide you with the technology needed for real-time analyses as part of condition monitoring. The Dunkermotoren sister company MAE is represented in “mo for the third time and presents a new high-speed AC motor as well as a completely new blower series with particularly low power consumption and compact design, making it a perfect fit for battery-powered wet and dry cleaning machines. Click here for the magazine: Downloads Press release (PDF)