Compact power units for a nimble shuttle fleet

Based in the Black Forest, the gearbox and motor manufacturers Framo Morat and Dunkermotoren produce compact drive systems for driverless transport systems.

Motor solutions for AGVs must be lightweight and compact with high power density and energy efficiency at the same time. Especially, the increasingly smaller shuttle vehicles used for distribution systems in warehouses contain little available space for these drives. In accordance with the requirements of the AGV manufacturers, the gear manufacturer Framo Morat from Eisenbach and the motor manufacturer Dunkermotoren from Bonndorf have developed and implemented a particularly compact DC drive system.

A hub gearbox has significant advantages regarding lifetime, reliability and noise compared to the often-used wheel and toothed belt drives. This is the first time that this gearbox design has been used in a drive system for an AGV. In this gearbox type, the drive shaft and output shaft are arranged coaxially, one inside the other. A planetary gearbox transmits the torques between the drive and the output shaft. The motor convinces with a combination of compact smart EC motors with integrated electronics and all established fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces. The integrated electronics allow, for example, complete driving profiles to be stored and retrieved. The drive unit is available with a nominal voltage of 12 – 60 V with an output torque of up to 350 Nm.

Picture 1:

Ideal combination: thanks to their compact design and high efficiency, drive systems consisting of DC motors as well as bevel gears and hub gears are beneficial for mobile applications. (factory photo Dunkermotoren GmbH)
((complete system — motor and gearbox))

Picture 2:

Stiff and durable: hub gears from Framo Morat prove their value as wheel drives for AGVs due to the advantageous arrangement of both the bearings and the drive and output shafts.
(factory photo: Framo Morat GmbH & Co. KG)
((hub gears with arrow force guidance))

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