Dunker motors used in parking robots

Since 2014, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) have been used at the airport in Dusseldorf. Serva Transport Systems GmbH makes parking easy, quick and comfortable with its parking robot, RAYTM. Serva and its partners at the Dusseldorf airport gained their first experiences and since March 1st, 2017 they are now using a new, improved version of the RAYTM.

The AGVs allow customers to exit their vehicles in a well-spaced and well-lit transfer station. Everything else is done by the parking robot. Exactly at this point in time, Dunker motors are used. They make an automatic lowering of the gripping forks possible, lift the cars up and then transport them to the desired place. For each parking robot, a total of twelve BG series Dunker motors are used. For each and every task of the robot, there is a suitable drive system available from Dunkermotoren. Therefore, for four different tasks, four unique variations of the BG 75 brushless DC motor combined with integrated EtherCAT interface, in combination with the low noise PLG 75 planetary gearbox is in use.

Applied in parking robots, Dunker motors allow as part of a complex and highly modern system, a safe operation of the AGVs which adjust themselves to the vehicle size using laser-guidance. Through links between the parking ticket and the flight ticket, the car is made available at the desired time. Eventual delays or changes of the flight time are considered automatically. With the transfer stations located close to the terminals, the inconvenient search for a parking space is dropped. Since March, 1st 2017 the parking robots equipped with Dunker motors have been deployed in the separate area of the parking block P3. “First Class Parking” can be booked with the name “Parkvogel” through the SITA Airport IT GmbH.

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The same parking robots in service at the airport in Dusseldorf are also in use at the parent plant of Audi in Ingolstadt. There are twelve AGVs used for the autonomous shipping of 2000 cars/day to railway cars. Such an application is unique in the automotive industry and was awarded by the VDA in Bremen on February, 14th 2017. In total, the parking robots perform up to 8000 driving movements and travel about 500 kilometers/day.

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