Click here to convert traditional english units to the metric system:

  Dunkermotoren Conversion Tables  
  Torque       Power      
  To: From: Nm in lb ft lb To: From:   oz-in-(1/s)  
  Nm   x 8.85666 / 1.35491 W   x 142  
  in lb / 8.85666   / 12 oz-in-(1/s) x 0.00706    
  ft lb x 1.35491 x 12    
  Moment of Inertia   Angular Velocity    
  To: From: g cm2 kg m2 oz-in2 To: From:   rpm  
  g cm2   x 10-7 x 0.00546 rad/s   30/ p  
  kg m2 x 107   x 54600 rpm p/ 30    
  oz-in2 x 182.9 x 0.0000183    
  To: From: mm cm m in ft yd  
  mm   / 10 / 1000 / 25.4 / 304.8 / 914.4  
  cm x 10   / 100 / 2.54 / 30.48 / 91.44  
  m x 1000 x 100   x 39.3701 x 3.28084 x 1.09361  
  in x 25.4 x 2.54 / 39.3701   / 12 / 36  
  ft x 304.8 x 30.48 / 3.28084 x 12   / 3  
  yd x 914.4 x 91.44 / 1.09361 x 36 x 3    
  To: From: g kg t oz lb tons  
  g   / 1000   / 28.3495 / 453.592    
  kg x 1000   / 1000 x 35.274 x 2.20462 / 1016  
  t   x 1000     x 2204.62 / 1.016  
  oz x 28.3495 / 35.274     / 16    
  lb x 453.592 / 2.20462 / 2204.62 x 16   / 2239.9  
  tons   x 1016 x 1.016   x 2239.9    
  To: From: K °C °F  
  K   - 273.15 (K - 273.15) x 9/5 + 32  
  °C + 273.15   x 9/5 + 32  
  °F (°F - 32) x 5/9 + 273.15 (°F - 32) x 5/9    

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